NopeWhile there are plenty of foods that you should bring along with you on a road trip, there are also plenty of foods that should be avoided. Foods that will stink up a small space or that are especially messy should be crossed off of the list immediately. Here are 20 of the worst foods you could ever pack for you and your children if you are going to be confined in a conversion van  for travel.

20 Foods You Should Not Pack for a Road Trip

1. Rice Cakes

It might be tempting to pack those filling, healthy and tasty rice cakes. What you might not realize until it is too late is that rice cakes come with a lingering odor that will stink up the cabin.

2. Popcorn

Popcorn, even when it is already popped, should be avoided for several reasons. It is oily and can stain your leather seats permanently. In most bags, there are kernels that do not pop. These kernels often end up littering your floorboards and your seats, especially when you have little ones.

3. Broccoli

If you are on a health kick, you might want to pair your string cheese with some broccoli. While you are optimistic when you are leaving for the trip, there is a good chance the broccoli will get wasted and will become more of a weapon for your children to use in a food fight.

4. Soup in a Thermos

If you are traveling in the cold season, you might want to pack soup in a warming thermos. Sure, it will warm your tummy, but you have to pour the soup in a cup and you risk the chance of spilling it all over the inside of the conversion van and could even ruin the custom entertainment system.

5. Deviled Eggs

This may be the perfect dish to bring to a party, it is not a great dish to enjoy in a car where you have nowhere to escape when the gas hits.

6. Bubble Gum

You might need some quite, but letting yoru kids chew bubble gum is not the solution. Just think of how difficult getting the gum out of your seats will be after the fun is over.

7. Milk Duds

If you plan on bringing candy for the kids, avoid milk duds or anything small and chocolate-covered. The candy pieces can easily fall in-between the seats and melt.

8. Peanuts in the Shell

If you bring any type of nuts, make sure they are not shelled. The shells get everywhere and they may also become choking hazards.

9. Grape Juice

You’ll need drinks to wash down the snacks but avoid dark colored juices like grape juice. This will cause a stain that is virtually impossible to remove.

10. Applesauce

If the snack is partially a sold and partially a liquid, you must eat it with a spoon. These foods will definitely cause a mess, especially in a moving conversion van.

11. Sandwiches

If you like condiments, you should avoid sandwiches unless you are eating on a bench outside of your car. Mayo, mustard, relish, and all of these yummy condiments will end up smeared on your windows, on the seats, the Xbox controller and possibly on yourself.

12. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks will lead to more bathroom stops and more time on the road to get to your destination.

13. Big Cheeseburgers

You do not want something too filling on the road. Big cheeseburgers, while they may be delicious, should be avoided.

14. Garlic Bagel Chips

Really anything with garlic should be avoided. Not only will it smell up the van, it will also make your breath stinky.

15. Burritos

Burritos might be a handheld food, but they are not a food designed to be eaten in a moving conversion van. Expect a stomachache, a mess, and frequent stops.

16. Energy Drinks

They may keep you up temporarily, but energy drinks lead to bathroom breaks and also anxiety on the road.

17. Skittles

Skittles, like chocolate, melt. They are bright in color and the brightness will make a hideous design on your leather seats if they are spilled.

18. Salads

Salads are messy and the lettuce will wilt, even if you bring a cooler.

19. Vienna Sausages

This finger food has a terrible odor and the odor is released as soon as the can is opened.

20. Chinese Food

If the food was designed to be eaten with chopsticks, just keep it out of the car as a rule of thumb.

if you avoid these foods and you choose drinks and snacks that are low in sugar content, you can keep your stomach satisfied while you and your family travel your new conversion van.