The  2013 Airstream Avenue touring coach has been upgraded as part of the celebration of 80 Years of Airstreaming History. The 2013 Avenue is a style icon and has been manufactured with high quality material including customized decors, ultra-leather seating for a feeling of luxury and comfort just like home. It is also the only Class B motorhome that has side-impact airbags.

The 2013 Avenue has a very powerful 323-horsepower, L96 V8 engine, a six speed automatic transmission and is built on a Chevrolet 3500 Series Express chassis. It has a gross vehicle weight of 9,600 pounds and will tow up to 8,000 pounds.

The 2013 Avenue offers three floor plans that give convenience to a single occupant, a couple or a family. They include The Avenue Lounge, The Avenue Lounge Wardrobe and the Avenue Suite. It holds 31 gallons of gasoline and 34 gallons of freshwater.

The full length of the 2013 Avenue has the same width, so it is easy to drive. It will fit into a regular parking space and will drive like any van. It is easy to drive in city traffic as well as on the open road and can go almost anywhere, which is not the case with other motorhomes. It is 21 feet and one inch long and nine feet and one inch high. Inside the height and width are both six feet. The Avenue sleeps two comfortably and seats up to seven. There is plenty of floor space for children in sleeping bags.

The generator is a 2.8kw Onan generator and the Avenue has a 9.9 gallon propane tank. The gray water or waste water tank holds 21 gallons, and the toilet or black water holds 10 gallons. There are two showers, one in the small bathroom and one on the exterior.

The kitchen area has stainless steel appliances, a two-burner stove, a 3.1 cubic-foot 12 volt energy efficient refrigerator and a microwave. There is also a six gallon water heater, a 16,000 BTU furnace and a 13,500 BTU air conditioner with a wall thermostat. It has a 45 amp multi-stage charger 750 watt inverter and two 12 volt deep cycle, maintenance-free auxiliary batteries.

The interior design is so well done, that people don’t feel cramped inside. In the front are leather-trimmed captain’s chairs that make driving effortless. The two front seats also turn to the rear to join two identical chairs already there. With a removable table it is a convenient place for games and meals. The 2013 Avenue has a standard 19 inch flat panel television.

The controls are standard issue from Chevrolet and are easy to operate, but they are heavy duty, since they were made for a truck. The 2013 Avenue will pull a boat or horse trailer. Even though the price of gasoline is high, driving a 2013 Avenue on a long vacation or road trip will still be cheaper than paying for hotel rooms.

The 2013 Avenue comes with a limited warranty that will replace or repair any defects in the workmanship or material of any of the parts of a new motorhome for thirty-six months from the day of delivery or 36,000 miles, that was bought from an authorized Airstream dealer either in the U.S. or Canada. The vehicle should not be overloaded. It has loading limits for the specified chassis that need to be followed by the owner.

The 2013 Avenue is a beautifully built, luxury Class B motorhome that offers a comfortable and convenient environment for living on the road or for taking camping vacations in style. Travelers never need worry about expensive hotel rooms or living far from their intended destination.