2014 Mobility Conversion Van With UVL Lift

In this video, Conversion Van Specialist Larry Oaks walks you through a 2014 Mobility Conversion Van with an Under the Vehicle (UVL) Lift. Dave Arbogast Van Depot is your number one conversion van dealer, and can help you with all of your Conversion Van needs.

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Using A Roadtrek As A Daily Driver

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6ab1fa81ba4adc83ab933a67cb375c88xCan You Really Use A Roadtrek As A Daily Driver?

Class B motorhomes have many of the features drivers are looking for in a vehicle to use every day. The Roadtrek is becoming one of the most popular options for this purpose. This is partly because it shares some convenient features with traditional vans. It is best to understand the pros and cons of using a Roadtrek as a daily driver.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the main advantages of a Roadtrek over other types of motorhomes is that it is very fuel-efficient. The Roadtrek gets roughly the same efficiency per gallon of gas as comparable vans. This means the cost of ownership as an everyday vehicle is not any more than other vans. The high fuel-efficiency also extends the range of the Roadtrek so that drivers can go farther every week without needing to refuel constantly.

Easy to Handle

A Roadtrek has the advantage of being built on top of a standard frame. The transmission, brakes and suspension all combine to make the motorhome easy to handle. This allows the Roadtrek to be used on tight city streets as well as winding highways. The issues with handling that affect some other larger motorhomes are not present with the Roadtrek. This means a smoother and safer drive each day.

Low Ground Clearance

One of the issues that some drivers have with the Roadtrek is the low ground clearance. The lowest parts of the motorhome are closer to the ground than traditional cars. This is not really a problem on streets and highways. It can present issues when driving on uneven dirt roads or when driving over large pieces of debris.

No Problems with Parking

The length and width of a Roadtrek is very close to traditional vehicles like vans. The size allows the Roadtrek to avoid the parking restrictions imposed on larger motorhomes. This is very important when using a Roadtrek for everyday driving. The motorhome can park in most areas along with standard cars and vans. It will not be a problem to find a parking spot when shopping, going to work or attending an event.

Changing Tires Can Take Extra Effort

Drivers might have to exert extra effort if the Roadtrek gets a flat tire while on the road. Although changing the tire is fairly straightforward, dealing with the weight of the motorhome could cause problems for some people. Flat tires are not really an issue for drivers who have roadside assistance plans.

Space and Convenience

Inside storage and convenience are two benefits of using a Roadtrek as a daily driver. Driving in the motorhome means there is always a bathroom and sink nearby. The wide aisles and rear bed provide enough space to transport nearly anything back to the home. The extra space and convenience make a Roadtrek a very practical everyday vehicle.

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Class B Camper Vans: 10 Ways To Become a More Respectful Driver

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P1230679Driving a Class B Camper Van like a Pleasure Way or a Winnebago Era can be an amazing way to see the country, reconnect with family, and enjoy the pleasures of the open road. However, with the power and freedom of a camper van comes a responsibility to share the road and be a respectful and safe driver. Here are 10 ways to become a more respectful and considerate driver while driving one of these RVs.

1. Keep the left lane for passing vehicles

Most states already have laws that state that the left lane should only be used when passing or when turning. If you aren’t doing either of the two, you should be in the right lane.

2. Learn to zipper merge

Zipper merging is a good way to make construction zones or quick lane closures work more efficiently. Most drivers think that they’re supposed to merge as soon as possible when they see lane closures on the highway. However, the most efficient way to merge is actually to wait as long as possible to merge and to do so at a higher speed. Doing so helps keep traffic jams to a minimum.

3. Keep an eye out down further when driving

The farther ahead you look when driving, the better you are able to react and avoid potential accidents, traffic jams, and other problems on the road. A number of accidents happen when people are simply looking at the car right in front of them. Learning to anticipate is crucial when driving a larger vehicle.

4. Maintain a safe following distance

Just as it’s important to look out further down the road, it’s also important to keep a safe distance when following other vehicles. This helps prevent accidents and helps you anticipate what’s coming up next.

5. Don’t be a rubberneck

Accidents are an unfortunate part of driving, but we can reduce the risk of causing additional accidents by keeping our eyes focused on the road ahead rather than by looking at accidents that have already happened.

6. Keep those high beams off

Unless you’re in the middle of the night and on roads where there aren’t lights set up, you shouldn’t be using those high beams. They blind other drivers and increase the risks of accidents.

7. Maintain the right of way when it’s yours

It might seem polite to yield the right of way when it’s yours, but don’t do it, as it leads to accidents.

8. Use your hazard lights to say thank you

It’s a quick way of being polite and acknowledging others when they let you in on the road.

9. Remember those turn signals

It’s a way of showing your manners to signal before you turn. It’s also the law.

10. Leave extra time for your trip

Finally, haste makes waste. Leave early to arrive on time.

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All Wheel Drive Class B Motorhomes? Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Gets 4×4

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2014 m b sprinter van front action 600 001An all-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 vehicle model was introduced recently, thrilling both Mercedes-Benz and 4-wheel drive enthusiasts. Since the chassis used on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the same chassis that is used on several types of Class B Motorhomes, this opens many possibilities and the potential to see a 4×4 class B motor home in the future. These possibilities are something dreams are made of for those who love cruising the open highway in class B motor homes.

Several models of class B motor homes now use this chassis, including the Winnebago Era and the Airstream Interstate. This all-wheel drive system is not the kind that stays on all the time. Instead, it is more of an on-demand system where the driver pushes a button to activate it when it’s needed or wanted.

How The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Works

Once a driver has decided to use the 4WD system in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and has pushed the button to activate it, a specialized electronic traction system called the 4ETS system kicks in. In addition drivers have the choice to start the 4WD either while the vehicle is still, or when it reaches a slow speed of about 5 mph. Drivers also have the choice to use this new 4WD system under off-road conditions, at a lower speed, by choosing the option of a special low range reduction feature.

There is also the option of a Downhill Speed Regulation, or DSR, to keep the vehicle traveling at a safer speed when one is going down hills. This works because of a unique new way the brakes, transmission and engine interact with one another to allow drivers to keep a steady speed, even downhill. With so many choices, drivers can have exactly the right system that works best for their needs and the conditions they plan to drive in.

Road Adventures Are Enhanced With A 4-Wheel Drive Option

No matter what road conditions are waiting to be faced on a challenging and exciting road adventure, a 4-wheel drive class B motor home would be able to handle the toughest conditions. From peaceful sandy shorelines to snow-covered, shimmering, untouched white mountain roads, 4WD capabilities would allow adventurers to go anywhere with ease and style.

Whether going off-road or steadily cruising down a gleaming black top highway, a class B motor home with all wheel drive would help to create a safer way to experience all the thrills of the road. The world is full of so much natural beauty just waiting to be explored. It would be nice to have the convenience of 4-wheel drive at your fingertips to use when it’s needed. The future may be closer than we think.

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Winter Tires vs All Wheel Drive: Which is Best?

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file7671265827824There has long been a debate concerning the necessity of buying winter tires for vehicles that are already equipped with all-wheel drive. For instance, Conversion Vans come equipped with this drive-train capability, leaving most owners scratching their heads when it comes to potentially investing in winter tires as well. By looking at the actual results when facing winter conditions in a four-wheel drive vehicle without winter tires versus one that is operating with winter tires alone can provide some answers to this long-standing debate.

The World Awaits

There are many situations where all-wheel drive falls short to actual winter tires where snow and ice are concerned. The first of these is when you are faced with a steep hill or driveway. In this case, your main concern is traction. The fact that you have four wheels spinning rather than two for a straight climb up hill does very little to help you. In this situation, the need for traction far outweighs the need for power. When you consider the physics behind the situation, all-wheel drive vehicles typically fall short of the abilities given to you by snow tires. All the elements of your average all-weather tires that are designed to allow for better traction during every part of the year other than winter work against you when there is snow and ice on the road.

When the Science Comes Into Play

On top of the real-world situations, the advanced engineering that goes into winter tires simply cannot be matched by the advantages that all-wheel drive alone provides. These tires are designed specifically to channel snow, slush, and other nasty winter things away from the tires as you drive in order to prevent accumulation. All-wheel drive does nothing to prevent snow and ice build-up. Winter tires also are constructed with specially formulated rubber that allows it to remain pliant during extremely cold conditions. Again, all-wheel drive offers no special features that assist the tire itself in staying in top driving condition during the winter. The one area where all-wheel drive does have an advantage is in starting off from a standing position in snow and ice. The movement of all four tires simultaneously prevents spinning tires and drifting, particularly while making turns. However, road test have shown that the larger and heavier vehicles will perform better in winter conditions when operating with all-wheel drive than those working without it.

An Extra Investment

When the option is available, it is always worth taking the winter tires. In the example of conversion vans, when given the option of getting all-wheel drive for winter weather, drivers would be advised to make the additional sacrifice as well. For the absolute most safety on the road, one should combine the best of both worlds. Added traction and stability that comes from all-wheel drive in combination with winter tires is about as good as it gets when it comes to facing hazardous conditions on wintery roads.

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Are There Benefits to Warming Up the Engine on a Cold Morning?

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P1370760 1024x682

Metal-to-metal contact is when all machinery components wear. The application of lubricants to a mechanical environment is what diminishes that wear. When your vehicle has been sitting for any appreciable time like overnight, the oil has settled into the bottom of the oil pan of the engine and into the lower areas of all the other components containing fluids. When the vehicle starter is activated and the engine begins to turn over the oil pump comes to life before the engine can fire. Oil is quickly pumped forcefully throughout the engine and then the engine starts. With lubricants already in the upper areas of the engine from which they drained during the shutdown, there is minimal metal-to-metal contact.

Even in warmer climates or summer weather the oil must reach operating temperature before it works most effectively. The colder the ambient temperature, the longer it takes for the oil to be warm enough to do the job. A vehicle owner who wants to prolong the life of the mechanical components of their car, truck or conversion van should plan on allowing the engine to warm up at an idle for at least a minute in warm weather and up to four minutes when the temperature is hovering around freezing. At near freezing temperatures it may take as much as three minutes or more before the oil is warm enough to circulate freely in an engine.

When the vehicle is first started after a long, cold night, the driver should avoid revving the engine until the temperature gauge begins to rise. This ensures that the metal parts are protected from frictional wear. This practice may add thousands of miles to the mechanical life of the engine. To warm up the transmission and differential fluids the vehicle should be driven slowly for the first few miles. If the vehicle has been parked for only a few hours and had been adequately warmed up when first started, it isn’t necessary to be so protective.

Another consideration is to select the proper lubricants for the season. Modern multiple viscosity motor oils are the best because they will perform like low viscosity oil when cold and then act like a much more viscous oil when they are hot. This is accomplished by the addition of polymer viscosity enhancers that expand when warm, thus making the oil thicker and more protective of the warm engine parts.

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Rocky Ridge Conversion Vans Now Available

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C2522 1If you know anything about Rocky Ridge – Big Bad Trucks, you know that they can customize your truck any way that you want it. They are reliable and have top notch customer service. They are motivated and only sell the best. Rocky Ridge – Big Bad Trucks now offers Conversion Vans. If you are looking for a conversion van for road trips or camping and want complete luxury and total comfort, Rocky Ridge is the place to find it.

Imagine driving long distances in what feels like a lazy boy recliner. Take breaks and lie down on the manual bi-fold rear sofa to take a power nap. Never have cramped legs as you can stretch at any time with the wide body interior. No worrying about small spills on the stain release carpeting so your van always feels clean. Feel at home with the high gloss wood trim. Treat yourself with your favorite beverage within hands reach with each seats cup holder. Feel relaxed knowing that each person can set their own air to hot or cold to keep themselves comfortable. Have no need to find a hotel room as you can hang your cloths on the fold down clothes rod. Take your mind off of how long it will take to get there and watch your favorite movies on the flat screen television. If there are youngsters on board gaming systems may also be installed to keep them occupied. Leisurely read your favorite book and allow yourself to fall asleep and always feel rested. If you are an outdoor lover but only like to go for a short time then going in a conversion van is ideal. You can enjoy going hiking, fishing, breathing in the fresh air and ending the day beside a campfire. If you would still like to sleep on something comfortable, get relaxed by watching a movie and fall asleep on the sofa or a comfortable chair.

Rocky Ridge also partners with other auto sale industries. They say that they always like to have some Rocky Ridge vehicles on their lot. Not only do they sell well, they help the car salesman to sell other cars on their lot simply because of the high quality and plain beauty of their vehicles. Rocky Ridge knows how to customize any vehicle brought to them to the customers satisfaction and have proven themselves time and time again. They are a trusted brand and name. Another company that is also going to be offering conversion vans is Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans.

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Holiday Shopping: Camping In A Conversion Van To Get The Best Deals

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177090 10151198305112949 1900635025 o 300x225This time of the year offers some amazing deals, but actually getting to those deals can be a real drag. Stores with the best deals will often open their doors in the wee hours from 4 to 6 a.m., and by that time a line around the block and down the street has already formed.

Savvy (or just really determined) shoppers sometimes pitch tents on the sidewalk the night before and wait it out that way. For many people, however, spending the night sleeping on concrete just to shave $100 off of a flatscreen TV purchase might be just a little too hardcore to justify the savings.

So let’s say there’s a killer Holiday deal you absolutely have to get in on, but you’re not willing to go the Hobo Jim route. An alternative to consider is camping out with a conversion van. If you’re not familiar with them, conversion vans are a sort of hybrid of a cargo van and a camper. They’re generally smaller than a regular camper, with the ability to easily tuck into a regular parking space, but still offer sleeping quarters, a kitchenette and other creature comforts for short camping trips.

Of course, this plan is contingent on a few things. One is actually owning or having access to a conversion van. If you don’t have access to a van but expect your Holiday purchases to save (or earn) you multiple hundreds of dollars, it might be worthwhile to rent a van for the night. This could be particularly economical if you want to visit multiple stores throughout the morning but don’t already have a vehicle!

Another factor is that someone will actually need to be physically present in the line at all times. Stores are generally not going to allow you to roll the van directly into the line! So this plan will require teamwork, with at least two people swapping positions in the line. One physically holds the place in the line while the others get to enjoy the comforts of indoor living. Given the fairly cramped quarters of conversion vans, however, it’s probably best to include no more than three people total in this scheme. Also, the less people involved, the more storage space is available in the van as you make your escape from the zombie shopping hordes.

If a conversion van is attainable and you can enlist the help of at least one partner, it can be a stylish way to weather a cold night in the parking lot.

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Sherrod Vans Now Available!

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C2366 6 550x367 300x200Sherrod Conversion vans will be available at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. Sherrod Vans has taken an ordinary vans and converted them to luxurious riding experiences by transforming them to maximize safety and comfort.

The Sherrod Nissan Mojave is the result of 5 years of Nissan Research and Development based on the needs of their customers. The Mojave is comparable to no other van currently on the market and stands alone in comfort and design. The Mojave is cutting edge in detail, workmanship, technology and design.

Features of the van will be adjustable ultra-leather front seats that can swivel, with headrests, armrests and storage. The midseat row has removable seats and slide tracks. Total seating capacity is 7. The van features a rear couch that can recline to a flat position. The interior design of the van allows you to maximize your room and comfort with a choice of interior colors of Denali black or burl wood.

Look for refreshment holders, clothes hangers, 12 volt power plugs, and individual control lights and vents throughout the van. Dual flip down flat TV screens, two dedicated DVD players located in the footrests and audio internal wireless headphones will maximize your entertainment on long trips.
Plush pile carpet is located on the cabin floor and is Scotchguard* treated. Custom floormats for both front and midseats are the same rich pile as the floor carpeting. Foam subflooring for additional that won’t absorb water or moisture of any kind to guard against rot and deterioration.

Nasa Technology Astrofoil provides ultra insulation throughout for all conditions. It reflects heat in the summer and insulates during the winter. It acts as both energy efficient and sound dampening.

Extra options offered are molded dash, door & engine trim with wood to match the interior accents. Add extra infared two-channel headphones and a game control center of RCA audio video jacks linked to the dual monitors for maximum entertainment. Other entertainment add on features are; iPod/IPhone station with touch panel navigation system, Satellite radio, Direct TV and WiFi.

Other interior options are: multi-zone seat massagers, heated seats and power recliners.

Exterior Options: Fade Paint, mid and low paint scheme, two-tone side sweeps, rocker paint S/S exhaust tip to eliminate rust, tinted front windows and 18” chrome wheel & and tires upgrade.

Let us get you started on designing your Sherrod van today at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans today. Ride in the lap of luxury – what are you waiting for?

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The New Breed Of Customizers Vans Are Here

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c3ccc461885b3dd6baea38f386c1bc99x 300x183Those of you who are searching for an excellent, full sized, high performance luxury van should note that the new breed of Customizers vans are available at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. If you’re looking for the last word in efficient street and highway performance and sheer unadulterated luxury, the new line of Customizers vans is going to be a god send to you and your family.

Just in case you haven’t been following the news, let’s get you up to speed. The Customizers Luxury Travel Vans line of products is currently composed of vehicles which can accommodate seven to nine passengers in comfort and style. These vans are specially designed, engineered, and manufactured in order to give a full luxury ride experience.

The brand new line of Customizers Luxury vans are guaranteed to bring you a luxury ride that emphasizes the company’s undying commitment to passenger comfort and efficient performance. These revolutionary new conversion vans now feature up to 40 percent more interior space than even the most modern full sized SUV’s manufactured by competitors.

And even more astounding is the difference in affordability. Customizers vans have proven to be far more affordable, while offering more, than the average modern full sized sport utility vehicle. In case you weren’t previously aware, here’s a nice figure to chew on for a moment: The new Customizers Platinum regular top van, which seats seven passengers and comes equipped with vastly expanded luggage space and a full entertainment system, starts at a price well below that of the competition.

In case you were still wondering, even after taking in all of the above, why you should trade in your current car, truck, or SUV for a Customizers luxury van, here are a few more things you might want to make a note of.

A new Customizers luxury van contains more than double the storage space of any competing minivan. If you need to seat six, seven, or nine adults comfortably, this is the vehicle for the job.
All Customizers vans are fully equipped luxury vehicles, complete with home entertainment systems and all of the modern luxuries that you have come to expect and deserve.
In conclusion, if you’re tired of dealing with “second best” vehicles that are really nothing more than a temporary patch on the quality and performance you’re truly looking for, then it’s time to step up to the big leagues. A Customizers luxury conversion van is your ticket to maximum performance, luxury travel, and cost efficient freedom.

The new line of Customizers Luxury Travel Vans are now available at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. Please contact Dave Arbogast to inquire about purchasing one for yourself or your family.

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