Holiday Shopping: Camping In A Conversion Van To Get The Best Deals

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177090_10151198305112949_1900635025_oThis time of the year offers some amazing deals, but actually getting to those deals can be a real drag. Stores with the best deals will often open their doors in the wee hours from 4 to 6 a.m., and by that time a line around the block and down the street has already formed.

Savvy (or just really determined) shoppers sometimes pitch tents on the sidewalk the night before and wait it out that way. For many people, however, spending the night sleeping on concrete just to shave $100 off of a flatscreen TV purchase might be just a little too hardcore to justify the savings.

So let’s say there’s a killer Holiday deal you absolutely have to get in on, but you’re not willing to go the Hobo Jim route. An alternative to consider is camping out with a conversion van. If you’re not familiar with them, conversion vans are a sort of hybrid of a cargo van and a camper. They’re generally smaller than a regular camper, with the ability to easily tuck into a regular parking space, but still offer sleeping quarters, a kitchenette and other creature comforts for short camping trips.

Of course, this plan is contingent on a few things. One is actually owning or having access to a conversion van. If you don’t have access to a van but expect your Holiday purchases to save (or earn) you multiple hundreds of dollars, it might be worthwhile to rent a van for the night. This could be particularly economical if you want to visit multiple stores throughout the morning but don’t already have a vehicle!

Another factor is that someone will actually need to be physically present in the line at all times. Stores are generally not going to allow you to roll the van directly into the line! So this plan will require teamwork, with at least two people swapping positions in the line. One physically holds the place in the line while the others get to enjoy the comforts of indoor living. Given the fairly cramped quarters of conversion vans, however, it’s probably best to include no more than three people total in this scheme. Also, the less people involved, the more storage space is available in the van as you make your escape from the zombie shopping hordes.

If a conversion van is attainable and you can enlist the help of at least one partner, it can be a stylish way to weather a cold night in the parking lot.

Sherrod Vans Now Available!

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C2366-6-550x367Sherrod Conversion vans will be available at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. Sherrod Vans has taken an ordinary vans and converted them to luxurious riding experiences by transforming them to maximize safety and comfort.

The Sherrod Nissan Mojave is the result of 5 years of Nissan Research and Development based on the needs of their customers. The Mojave is comparable to no other van currently on the market and stands alone in comfort and design. The Mojave is cutting edge in detail, workmanship, technology and design.

Features of the van will be adjustable ultra-leather front seats that can swivel, with headrests, armrests and storage. The midseat row has removable seats and slide tracks. Total seating capacity is 7. The van features a rear couch that can recline to a flat position. The interior design of the van allows you to maximize your room and comfort with a choice of interior colors of Denali black or burl wood.

Look for refreshment holders, clothes hangers, 12 volt power plugs, and individual control lights and vents throughout the van. Dual flip down flat TV screens, two dedicated DVD players located in the footrests and audio internal wireless headphones will maximize your entertainment on long trips.
Plush pile carpet is located on the cabin floor and is Scotchguard* treated. Custom floormats for both front and midseats are the same rich pile as the floor carpeting. Foam subflooring for additional that won’t absorb water or moisture of any kind to guard against rot and deterioration.

Nasa Technology Astrofoil provides ultra insulation throughout for all conditions. It reflects heat in the summer and insulates during the winter. It acts as both energy efficient and sound dampening.

Extra options offered are molded dash, door & engine trim with wood to match the interior accents. Add extra infared two-channel headphones and a game control center of RCA audio video jacks linked to the dual monitors for maximum entertainment. Other entertainment add on features are; iPod/IPhone station with touch panel navigation system, Satellite radio, Direct TV and WiFi.

Other interior options are: multi-zone seat massagers, heated seats and power recliners.

Exterior Options: Fade Paint, mid and low paint scheme, two-tone side sweeps, rocker paint S/S exhaust tip to eliminate rust, tinted front windows and 18” chrome wheel & and tires upgrade.

Let us get you started on designing your Sherrod van today at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans today. Ride in the lap of luxury – what are you waiting for?

The New Breed Of Customizers Vans Are Here

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c3ccc461885b3dd6baea38f386c1bc99xThose of you who are searching for an excellent, full sized, high performance luxury van should note that the new breed of Customizers vans are available at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. If you’re looking for the last word in efficient street and highway performance and sheer unadulterated luxury, the new line of Customizers vans is going to be a god send to you and your family.

Just in case you haven’t been following the news, let’s get you up to speed. The Customizers Luxury Travel Vans line of products is currently composed of vehicles which can accommodate seven to nine passengers in comfort and style. These vans are specially designed, engineered, and manufactured in order to give a full luxury ride experience.

The brand new line of Customizers Luxury vans are guaranteed to bring you a luxury ride that emphasizes the company’s undying commitment to passenger comfort and efficient performance. These revolutionary new conversion vans now feature up to 40 percent more interior space than even the most modern full sized SUV’s manufactured by competitors.

And even more astounding is the difference in affordability. Customizers vans have proven to be far more affordable, while offering more, than the average modern full sized sport utility vehicle. In case you weren’t previously aware, here’s a nice figure to chew on for a moment: The new Customizers Platinum regular top van, which seats seven passengers and comes equipped with vastly expanded luggage space and a full entertainment system, starts at a price well below that of the competition.

In case you were still wondering, even after taking in all of the above, why you should trade in your current car, truck, or SUV for a Customizers luxury van, here are a few more things you might want to make a note of.

A new Customizers luxury van contains more than double the storage space of any competing minivan. If you need to seat six, seven, or nine adults comfortably, this is the vehicle for the job.
All Customizers vans are fully equipped luxury vehicles, complete with home entertainment systems and all of the modern luxuries that you have come to expect and deserve.
In conclusion, if you’re tired of dealing with “second best” vehicles that are really nothing more than a temporary patch on the quality and performance you’re truly looking for, then it’s time to step up to the big leagues. A Customizers luxury conversion van is your ticket to maximum performance, luxury travel, and cost efficient freedom.

The new line of Customizers Luxury Travel Vans are now available at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. Please contact Dave Arbogast to inquire about purchasing one for yourself or your family.

Tips for Rust Proofing Your Conversion Van

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Rust can easily ruin a conversation van. Both the exterior and internal parts are susceptible to rust damage. Rust can easily cause irreversible damage if it’s not taken care of right away or prevented. You can prevent rust from developing on your conversion van by following these tips.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Weather is Your Enemy

Rust needs two things to grow, and those two things are air and moisture. Since it’s basically impossible to avoid air, the only thing you can do is avoid moisture. The best way to achieve this is by keeping your van indoors or under a protective cover as much as possible. Keep your van in a garage or in a car port when you’re not using it. There are going to be some circumstances when your van will get wet. Rain and snow are difficult to avoid in any corner of the globe. If you can’t help but get the van wet, you can take the time to dry it to help prevent rust.

The Protective Power of Paint

The paint used on cars is meant to be extremely durable and resistant to wind, rain, scratches and more. The paint also has another function and that is to protect your vehicle from rust. The paint acts as a barrier to protect the metal underneath from air and moisture. However, even tiny nicks in the paint can allow for rust to develop. Take a couple of minutes every couple of weeks to look over your van carefully for nicks and deep scratches in the paint. If the metal is exposed, it can become rusty. It’s best to hit those spots with touch up paint as soon as possible. If rust has already started to form, you can gently sand it off and repaint over it.


Dirt easily collects in the undercarriage of your vehicle since dirt is constantly being kicked up there by your tires when you drive. When this dirt collects in the undercarriage, it can eventually collect moisture and hold it onto the parts of your vehicle until it dries. This collection of dirt and moisture can easily cause rust and corrosion. To combat this, you can regularly wash the undercarriage of your vehicle. This is especially important if you’ve recently driven in the mud or on dirt roads. Having a rusty exterior is one thing, having the vital parts of your vehicle become rusty can easily cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your vehicle.

Rust is difficult and sometimes impossible to deal with. If left alone long enough, it can completely ruin a vehicle beyond repair. Instead of wracking your brain trying to fix rust or berating yourself for letting severe damage occur to your vehicle, it’s best to do all that you can to avoid it beforehand.

How To Safely Drive In The Snow

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We recently covered how your should Safely Drive In The Rain, but for some drivers, one of the worst conditions to operate a vehicle in is the snow due to slippery roads, poor visibility, and high wind speeds. Accidents increase in the winter to 1.5 million accidents annually due to high speeds that can easily cause skidding, which can be avoided when driving in the snow.

Use Chains1373259500dfgjx

Tire chains are crucial to use when driving in th

e snow, which will provide more traction and prevent skidding. These are available in different sizes and should be placed onto tires before beginning a drive. You can also use snow tires to increase traction if you have a smaller vehicle, but drive at low speeds as they tires are still prone to slide on packed ice or snow, making it important to reduce speeds. Expect lower fuel efficiency with snow tiers, which can be offset with lower speeds.

Tires should also be properly inflated as tire pressure can decrease in the winter about one or two PSI every 10 degrees that the weather drops.

Look Ahead

It’s important to maintain visibility and keep eyes ahead of the vehicle to watch for icy roads or road blocks. Have your headlights on, even during the daytime, and keep a three to four car-length space between you and the vehicle you’re behind for every 10 mph of your speed. Slamming on the breaks too quickly can easily cause skidding and lead to an accident.

Keep your eye out for reflections on the road, which makes it easier to spot ice or water.

Drive at Lower Speeds

Drivers should reduce their speeds to 30 miles per hour, especially when using chains, to ensure they’re in control of the van on highways or bends. Four-wheel drive should also be used on the vehicle, which will send an appropriate amount of torque to each tire for proper traction.

Control Skids

Skids are common on icy roads with black ice, but can be controlled to prevent an accident from occurring. Turn into the skid while accelerating, which may seem unnatural, but will deter the vehicle from going out of control. The weight is then put on the rear wheels and makes it easier to control the vehicle. Take your foot off the brake and avoid oversteering. This can also be practiced with trained driving courses.

Clean the Windshield

Scrape ice or snow off of the windshield to increase visibility, while replacing windshield wiper blades so they’re up-to-date. Run the air conditioner to prevent condensation or frost, which can occur with standard defrost settings.

Snow or ice should also be removed from all of the windows, outside mirrors, lights, and on the roof.

Roadtrek E-trek: Camping With Solar Energy

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On October 29th Mark and Kristine Wathke concluded their vacation in Yellowstone National Park and headed home to Wisconsin. Wyoming launched a statewide search when the Wathke’s didn’t arrive. After nearly a week trapped in their car with little food, a rancher found them. While it’s true that most lost campers will be rescued, it makes more sense to Be Prepared.

Gas, diesel, and propane tanks run out. The one thing that doesn’t is the sun. Well, … watching disaster TV makes it clear that the sun might go out, but if it does don’t count on a rescue. Stretching the fuel dollar as far as possible while on the road makes sense whether the objective is survival, comfort, or environmentalism.

Roadtrek RS E-TrekRoadtrek-e_trek-solar-panels_lrg

Historically, anything that even looked like an amenity on a Class B Motorhome meant shorter hops between refueling stops because everything on-board had to run off the generator. Recent advances in solar panels that increase power conversion, as well as, advances in battery technology, have changed that. True. It’s still not feasible to run the whole trip on solar, it may never be, but a 245 watt solar panel makes it practical to run the electrical appliances and power the outlets that way. That frees up more of the diesel fuel supply that efficiently provides both heat and hot water. The inverter supplies a whopping 5,000 watts, so when you figure that a PC and a monitor uses about 270 watts, and a big screen TV uses about 150 watts, the E-Trek has plenty of juice available.

Easier to Use

Since the E-Trek’s systems are fully integrated, it’s not even strictly necessary to hook up to outside power. Roadtrek makes it possible if you want to hook up, but you don’t have to. Thoughtful features like that mean that you have less to learn to enjoy and E-Trek than in a traditional RV.

Environmentally Friendly

Roadtrek designed the RS E-Trek to be environmentally friendlier than other RV’s on the road. If you’re the sort of traveler who thinks about being environmentally responsible at the same time as having a permanent luxury bathroom and shower, look no further. The E-Trek leaves a smaller carbon emissions footprint than other RV’s while offering greater luxury, seating 2-7 passengers, and sleeping up to four people.


Roadtrek makes getting the exact vehicle you want easy too, and it’s not just about color, either. A variety of floor plans are available for chassis sold in both the US and Canada. Furniture and appliances including armoires, mattresses, and televisions are all factory-installable options. Additional safety features are available, too.


Roadtrek claims the title for the greatest functionality in any motor home or van on the road today. Its luxury, customizability, simplicity, and environmental friendliness make it a must see for new RV shoppers.

2013 GMC Savana Cargo Adds New Features

479cac5d0a0a006501db5427347f1fabThe versatile workhorse GMC Savana Cargo has made some improvements for the 2013 in order to make work easier and a little more accommodating. A navigation radio, rear vision camera, and ultrasonic rear park assist are new for 2013. The features are options for both the LS and LT models. The rear vision camera is displayed conveniently right in the rearview mirror. However, if the vehicle is also equipped with the new navigation radio, the rear vision camera will be displayed right on the radio screen.

The GMC Savana Cargo is available in regular 135-inch or extended 155-inch wheelbase lengths. The 1500 Series vans include light-duty models at 7,300 pounds, the 2500 Series includes heavy-duty models at 8,600 pounds, and the 3500 Series includes full-bodied models at 9,600 pounds. Savana Cargo models are also outfitted with a fuel-saving six-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and an available 6.6L Duramax turbo-diesel engine that has a B20 biodiesel capability.

Exterior Design Features:

• Black-painted bumpers are standard, chrome front and rear bumps with a chrome grille is available in the chrome appearance package
• Swing-out 60/40-split passenger and driver side doors, with sliding doors a possibility for the passenger side
• Heated and power-adjustable outside folding mirrors, with available turn signal indicators
• Sixteen-inch steel wheels, or seventeen-inch steel wheels for half-ton models
• Ambulance prep and hotel shuffle packages available for buyers
• Wide selection of exterior colors – sand beige metallic, polo green metallic, onyx black, deep blue metallic, steel gray metallic, fire red, summit white, wheatland yellow, and pure silver metallic

Interior Design Features:

• Standard single-zone air conditioning, with the option of rear air conditioning
• Variety of audio systems, including CD/MP3 capability and a USB port for all electronic desires, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio if opted
• Enhanced interior lighting package that includes three access panel lights and two mounted lights in the roof of the cargo area
• Two auxiliary 12-volt outlets in the interior engine cover
• Remote keyless entry and vehicle starter system available
• Leather steering wheel with wheel audio controls
• Custom vinyl or cloth upholstery in either neutral or medium pewter colors

Furthermore, StabiliTrak stability control is standard for all models, along with a trailer rating of up to a whopping 10,000 pounds on the heavy-duty models. Flat and convex exterior mirrors offer a wider field of vision for the driver. Tire pressuring monitoring systems are standard for all models. Safety features, including lap and shoulder belts for the center seats and front air bags are always in every model.

These new features offer a competitive advantage for this GMC Savana Cargo van, along with the pre-existing wide range of features. Thus, these improvements help push it to being one of the best cargo vans on the market today.

How To Safely Drive In The Rain

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If you are taking a long trip or are simply going out for a nighttime excursion, chances are that you will eventually be stuck in the rain. Driving in the rain can be incredibly hazardous simply because the rain provides slippery conditions on pavement. In general, more car accidents occur during the rain than days when it is nicer outside. Also, areas that get hit with colder weather have a tendency to deal with freezing rain, which can be even worse when it comes to driving. Driving safely in the rain is so important for both you and your loved ones who happen to be a Conversion Van with you.

Slow Down, Use Lights and Wipers

When it begins to rain out, it is important for you to immediately drop your speed. While you shouldn’t drop it low enough as to cause a traffic jam behind you, you also should not be speeding and even going the speed limit can be dangerous for you and your passengers. Drop your speed so that you are comfortable driving on the road. Always put your headlights and wipers on during a rainstorm so that you can clearly see in front of you at all times. Pay attention to vehicles in front of you, behind you and even on the side of you.

Pull Over When Needed

A light rainstorm is relatively easy to drive through, however, there are going to come times when a light rainstorm turns into a heavy one that pounds your conversion van with forceful drops. If it is raining so heavily outside that you cannot see well in front of you, you should find the nearest rest stop to pull over. You should never drive your vehicle in a storm that hinders you from seeing everything around you clearly. Many accidents are caused in these types of rainstorms, so it is best to simply pull your vehicle over whenever it is most convenient.

Stay Steady and Avoid Quick Turns

One of the most important things to remember about driving in the rain is to avoid any quick turns or movements. If you turn a corner very quickly and the pavement under the vehicle is wet, you risk the chance of hydroplaning the van and this could cause an accident. Try to avoid switching lanes too quickly and always turn corners slowly when it is raining out. Rain can cause pavement to become incredibly slippery and this can be dangerous for you while you are driving the van. By taking your time and always being safe behind the wheel, even driving in the rain will be easy for you to do no matter where you happen to be going.

Build A Mobile Office In Your Conversion Van

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The soaring popularity of conversion vans combined with everything about high technology going mobile these days naturally lends itself to some owners getting pretty creative in how they utilize their vans. This raises the question: Can a conversion van really be converted into a mobile office? Let’s see just how it would be done.


About Conversion Vans

For those not in the know, these vans are not just visually stunning both on the outside and inside, they also have as standard features such items that are simply unthinkable to have in a car or SUV. These items include a range and a stove, luxurious, plush seats for up to nine passengers and driver, as well as flat screen TVs and some even have bathrooms. The first step in creating a mobile office would be to simply remove two of the rows of seats so that the owner/office worker has a more spacious interior to easily move around and maneuver and not feel cramped. With some seats out, he definitely won’t feel cramped.

What Is Needed For A Mobile Office

Several things are absolutely required for such a mobile office in a van like this. They include a laptop computer or tablet, a desk or a work station, a comfortable desk chair if desired, additional lights, a printer, and some of the smaller items that any office tends to have such as a calculator, stapler, paper clips, extra paper, scotch tape, and even a mini coffee maker. All of these needed items could very easily be set up and arranged inside and placed on both the work station as well as on an additional table or desk once some of the seats have been removed.

Huge Amounts of Interior Room

For those who don’t want to remove any seating, the inside of a conversion van is so massive that if a person simply wants to utilize a laptop or tablet, he really doesn’t require more than one desk or even a work station. He could simply sit on one of the extremely comfortable and elegant captain’s chairs to hit the keyboard. Just a small table would be needed for the coffee maker, which could easily be affixed to the table top, and aforementioned smaller items. They could be securely and conveniently located inside a small, locked cabinet and then taken out when needed.

Completing The Mobile Office Project

Since everything is already installed inside the van in terms of the electrical system and wiring, using any outlet is effortless to plug anything in as needed such as the extra lights. They could easily be installed on the ceiling and tapped into the system. And when driving, everything could be safely secured in tightly sealed metal or plastic chests. Nothing would ever fall and nothing would ever get lost or damaged. It’s perfect.

How To Clean Your Conversion Van Like a Pro

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Let’s face it. There was probably a time in the not too distant past when you were as proud of your conversion van1fde4b07dce426fb5f358a29f7917abfx as you were anything else you owned. But in the time since there have probably been numerous things happen inside that van the makes you take a not-do-prideful look at your van today. In fact, it is probably such a mess that you’re even giving serious thought to selling it. If you would really not sell your van or perhaps don’t have the money for something new, that’s a good thing since this article will show you how to turn that beloved machine into

All the Needs that Fit

It doesn’t take much of a look through the auto care section of your local store to impress upon you how much there is available to help you clean your van. Fortunately, with this in mind, all you need to do to start is to make a mental list of all the surfaces you have in your van. If your van is like most, there are probably carpeted areas, vinyl, plastic, leather, and many others. Now to take your list to the car care section to pick out what you need. Don’t be deceived into believing the ads for one product that fits all, but there are specific products for each surface,.

Now For the Equipment

All of those soaps and cleaners won’t clean your van by themselves. You’re going to need a variety of brushes, rags, maybe a chamois, and other tools to make them work. It’s also a good idea, depending on how much detail you want to get into, to have some small tools to wrap your rags around in order to get into little cracks and other areas that might be too small for your fingers to reach.

The Overall Job

Not long after you get started with your cleaning, chances are good that you will have the beginning of some serious residue from the cleaning products all over your van’s interior. A small vacuum cleaning can make short work of this as well as the final all-over cleaning when you’re getting done. If you have shampooed the carpeting you will also need the vacuum to finish that part off too.

It’s not a matter of rocket science to clean your conversion van. In fact, after you get started you will probably be surprised to discover how good your van will look, both today and for years to come.

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