The soaring popularity of conversion vans combined with everything about high technology going mobile these days naturally lends itself to some owners getting pretty creative in how they utilize their vans. This raises the question: Can a conversion van really be converted into a mobile office? Let’s see just how it would be done.


About Conversion Vans

For those not in the know, these vans are not just visually stunning both on the outside and inside, they also have as standard features such items that are simply unthinkable to have in a car or SUV. These items include a range and a stove, luxurious, plush seats for up to nine passengers and driver, as well as flat screen TVs and some even have bathrooms. The first step in creating a mobile office would be to simply remove two of the rows of seats so that the owner/office worker has a more spacious interior to easily move around and maneuver and not feel cramped. With some seats out, he definitely won’t feel cramped.

What Is Needed For A Mobile Office

Several things are absolutely required for such a mobile office in a van like this. They include a laptop computer or tablet, a desk or a work station, a comfortable desk chair if desired, additional lights, a printer, and some of the smaller items that any office tends to have such as a calculator, stapler, paper clips, extra paper, scotch tape, and even a mini coffee maker. All of these needed items could very easily be set up and arranged inside and placed on both the work station as well as on an additional table or desk once some of the seats have been removed.

Huge Amounts of Interior Room

For those who don’t want to remove any seating, the inside of a conversion van is so massive that if a person simply wants to utilize a laptop or tablet, he really doesn’t require more than one desk or even a work station. He could simply sit on one of the extremely comfortable and elegant captain’s chairs to hit the keyboard. Just a small table would be needed for the coffee maker, which could easily be affixed to the table top, and aforementioned smaller items. They could be securely and conveniently located inside a small, locked cabinet and then taken out when needed.

Completing The Mobile Office Project

Since everything is already installed inside the van in terms of the electrical system and wiring, using any outlet is effortless to plug anything in as needed such as the extra lights. They could easily be installed on the ceiling and tapped into the system. And when driving, everything could be safely secured in tightly sealed metal or plastic chests. Nothing would ever fall and nothing would ever get lost or damaged. It’s perfect.