Your Roadtrek’s exterior is easy to care for and fairly indestructible as long as you follow some basic rules.  Below are some dos and don’ts of washing your Roadtrek and maintaining the exterior graphics.  I think it’s important because many of us tend to use the wrong chemicals when washing our vehicles. Take a look we have put together:


  1. Wash the exterior of your Roadtrek with soap made for cars.  Make sure to rinse thoroughly.
  2. Keep high pressure nozzles at least 2 1/2 feet from the edge of the graphics. High pressure spray may cause the edge of the graphic to peel.
  3. Test any cleaning solution on a small section of the decal before using.


  1. Do not use home detergent or any other soap not made for vehicles.
  2. Do not use any type of solvents on the graphics. Solvents may soften or smear colors.
  3. Do not let gasoline or other fuels drip or stay on graphics for any length of time. If spill occurs, wipe off and rinse with water immediately.
  4. Do not apply wax over graphics. Wax that has dried between stripes can be removed by softening it with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. Be sure to rinse with water after cleaning.
  • Care and Caution should be taken when storing your vehicle. Vinyl graphics and other items such as dashboards, tires and flexible rubber products will have a shorter life expectancy when exposed to severe heat and sunlight.
  • Protection of graphics from prolonged direct sunlight will ensure extended life.

If you take these simple precautions, your Roadtrek will stay looking new for years to come.  Roadtrek class b campers are easy to care for and a blast to drive. Call 1-866-975-3287 or fill out the contact us form with any questions.

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