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Winterizing a Roadtrek can prevent several mishaps. Roadtreks, if not appropriately inspected before the winter’s cold arrives, can cause damage to  the pipes of your Roadtrek. The harsh cold can create freezing water that can damage the Roadtrek’s systems. The winter elements can also cause damage to tires, batteries and other Roadtrek’s system’s overtime.

Maintain proper tire pressure.

Protect tires from losing pressure by covering them with a tire cover when not in use. Spray a tire dressing onto tires to keep the sunlight from weakening the tire. You can even jack op your Roadtrek to prevent further loss of inflation if they have been sitting for long periods of time. Also be sure to inspect and replace the spare tire in necessary.

Inspect batteries periodically.

Use baking soda and water to wipe down the roadtrek’s batteries from corrosion and dirt. Recharge the Roadtrek’s batteries using the isolator switch to reduce unwanted electric leak, which happens when poor [...]

Roadtrek Class B Vans get great gas mileage but there are some simple ways to get a few miles better.  Dave Arbogast Van Depot can help keep your Roadtrek in top shape, ensuring your getting the best MPG’s possible.  Take a look at Polk’s top seven steps to better fuel economy. Are you getting the most out of your Roadtrek?

1. Check and replace your air filter if it’s dirty. That’s right, something as simple as a clean air filter can improve your fuel economy up to 10 percent.

2. Checking and adjusting your tire pressure to the proper pressure can increase fuel economy by 3 percent. Of course, it can also prevent premature tire wear, tire failures and blowouts caused by overinflated or underinflated tires. Tires can look normal when they are seriously underinflated. Use a quality air pressure gauge and check your tires [...]

At Dave Arbogast Van Depot its our goal to keep you safe and sound in your Roadtrek.   Nothing will ruin all of the fun and adventure quicker than an unexpected breakdown. Polk has put together a pre departure maintenance checklist so you don’t find yourself on the side of the road.  Our award winning Roadtrek service department and Roadtrek parts department can take care of all these items for you.  If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

There are three basic types of maintenance for your motor coach: preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance.

  • Preventive maintenance is maintenance you can perform on your Roadtrek Class B Van before a problem exists. These checks are designed to prevent or identify potential problems that could lead to mechanical breakdown, malfunction or failure of a component or system on your RV. Preventive maintenance consists of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, adjusting and servicing your [...]

Dave Arbogast Van Depot wants to make sure your Roadtrek Class B Van Stays in top shape. We came across this checklist provided by Polk. If you have any questions or would like Arbogast Class B Service department to help you with the upkeep of your van call 1-866-975-3287!

There are so many things to maintain on a Roadtrek Class B Van, sometimes we overlook the simplest maintenance requirements. As the old saying goes, you can’t see the forest for the trees. But simple oversights can result in costly repair bills to correct the problem.

Let’s look at my top 7 Class B Van owner maintenance mishaps.

1. Checking and adding air when the tires are hot
I see this all the time, people checking their tire pressure when the tires are hot. You should always check and inflate tires when the tires are cold, before traveling more than one mile. Hot air expands and [...]

At Dave Arbogast Van Depot, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner for your Roadtrek. From oil changes to transmission replacements, we are dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service, for Roadtrek Class B Vans.  Allow our staff to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Dave Arbogast Van Depot has dedicated technicians to make sure your Roadtrek Class B Van stays in optimal condition.  We also have a large inventory of Class B Van Parts and Accessories. No matter what you need for your Camper Van, Dave Arbogast has the answer.

Call 1-866-975-3287 to schedule your appointment today!

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