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This video attests to the sheer luxury inherent in the 2014 GMC Southern Comfort Conversion Van. Check out some of the features below, or see for yourself!

Exterior: Black/Blue Fade Paint w/ Running Boards, High Top Raised Roof, Mesh Chrome Grill, Dual Exhaust, LED Running Lights,
Interior: Ebony Color Decor with Premium Leather Seating
Engine: 5.3L Vortec V8, RWD,
Body: GMC 1500 with Seating for 7 Passengers
Doors: Rear Passenger Doors on Both Sides of Van
Front Seating: Premium Leather w/ Power Lumbar, Power Slide, Power Recline, Heat
Mid Seating: Premium Leather Captain Chairs
Rear Seating: Power Sliding & Power Recline 3 Section Sofa / Bed
Features: AM/FM Stereo w/ CD and USB Input, Steering Wheel Controls, Premium Speakers, Premium Wood Accents, Rear Sunroof, Rear Backup Camera,
Rear Entertainment: 31″ HDTV, DVD/Bru-ray, Premium Kicker Surround Sound System w/ Subwoofer, Multicolor LED Accent lighting, Rear Climate Control, [...]

With the weather heating up, it’s time to clean out the conversion van and get it ready for travel. Over the winter, your van has probably suffered from the effects of cold weather, and the inside could use a good scrubbing. Below is a list of things you need to take care of before heading out on your summer vacation.

Eliminating Mold And Mildew
Even if you gave the inside of your van the once-over last fall, you should make sure the appliances and upholstery are completely sanitized. If your vehicle has a liquid propane stove, the burner elements need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned. Pay special attention to the burner plates, as soot particles can easily become lodged in tight areas around the base of the unit. A diluted cleanser – preferably an organically formulated one – should be used to clean the exterior cabinetry. The van floor is susceptible to moisture condensation [...]

In this video, Conversion Van Specialist Larry Oaks walks you through a 2014 Mobility Conversion Van with an Under the Vehicle (UVL) Lift. Dave Arbogast Van Depot is your number one conversion van dealer, and can help you with all of your Conversion Van needs.

rrIf you know anything about Rocky Ridge – Big Bad Trucks, you know that they can customize your truck any way that you want it. They are reliable and have top notch customer service. They are motivated and only sell the best. Rocky Ridge – Big Bad Trucks now offers Conversion Vans. If you are looking for a conversion van for road trips or camping and want complete luxury and total comfort, Rocky Ridge is the place to find it.

Imagine driving long distances in what feels like a lazy boy recliner. Take breaks and lie down on the manual bi-fold rear sofa to take a power nap. Never have cramped legs as you can stretch at any time with the wide body interior. No worrying about small spills on the stain release carpeting so [...]

db04f59d1dd7ef2bcf38d32c6d9a08e7xThis time of the year offers some amazing deals, but actually getting to those deals can be a real drag. Stores with the best deals will often open their doors in the wee hours from 4 to 6 a.m., and by that time a line around the block and down the street has already formed.

Savvy (or just really determined) shoppers sometimes pitch tents on the sidewalk the night before and wait it out that way. For many people, however, spending the night sleeping on concrete just to shave $100 off of a flatscreen TV purchase might be just a little too hardcore to justify the savings.

So let’s say there’s a killer Holiday deal you absolutely have to get in on, but you’re not willing to go the Hobo Jim route. An alternative [...]

main_15Sherrod Conversion vans will be available at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. Sherrod Vans has taken an ordinary vans and converted them to luxurious riding experiences by transforming them to maximize safety and comfort.

The Sherrod Nissan Mojave is the result of 5 years of Nissan Research and Development based on the needs of their customers. The Mojave is comparable to no other van currently on the market and stands alone in comfort and design. The Mojave is cutting edge in detail, workmanship, technology and design.
Features of the van will be adjustable ultra-leather front seats that can swivel, with headrests, armrests and storage. The midseat row has removable seats and slide tracks. Total seating capacity is 7. The van features a rear couch that can recline to a flat [...]

33410442c8bd77eb90833ee3c552a70bxThose of you who are searching for an excellent, full sized, high performance luxury van should note that the new breed of Customizers vans are available at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. If you’re looking for the last word in efficient street and highway performance and sheer unadulterated luxury, the new line of Customizers vans is going to be a god send to you and your family.

Just in case you haven’t been following the news, let’s get you up to speed. The Customizers Luxury Travel Vans line of products is currently composed of vehicles which can accommodate seven to nine passengers in comfort and style. These vans are specially designed, engineered, and manufactured in order to give a full luxury ride experience.

The brand new line of Customizers Luxury vans are guaranteed to bring you a luxury ride that [...]

Rust can easily ruin a conversation van. Both the exterior and internal parts are susceptible to rust damage. Rust can easily cause irreversible damage if it’s not taken care of right away or prevented. You can prevent rust from developing on your conversion van by following these tips.De-Icing the roads

Weather is Your Enemy

Rust needs two things to grow, and those two things are air and moisture. Since it’s basically impossible to avoid air, the only thing you can do is avoid moisture. The best way to achieve this is by keeping your van indoors or under a protective cover as much as possible. Keep your van in a garage or in a car port when you’re not using it. There are going to be some circumstances when your van will get wet. Rain and [...]

We recently covered how your should Safely Drive In The Rain, but for some drivers, one of the worst conditions to operate a vehicle in is the snow due to slippery roads, poor visibility, and high wind speeds. Accidents increase in the winter to 1.5 million accidents annually due to high speeds that can easily cause skidding, which can be avoided when driving in the snow.

Use ChainsSnow_Chain_Honda

Tire chains are crucial to use when driving in th

e snow, which will provide more traction and prevent skidding. These are available in different sizes and should be placed onto tires before beginning a drive. You can also use snow tires to increase traction if you have a smaller vehicle, but drive at low speeds as they tires are still prone to slide on packed ice or snow, making it important to reduce speeds. Expect lower fuel efficiency [...]

479cac5d0a0a006501db5427347f1fabThe versatile workhorse GMC Savana Cargo has made some improvements for the 2013 in order to make work easier and a little more accommodating. A navigation radio, rear vision camera, and ultrasonic rear park assist are new for 2013. The features are options for both the LS and LT models. The rear vision camera is displayed conveniently right in the rearview mirror. However, if the vehicle is also equipped with the new navigation radio, the rear vision camera will be displayed right on the radio screen.

The GMC Savana Cargo is available in regular 135-inch or extended 155-inch wheelbase lengths. The 1500 Series vans include light-duty models at 7,300 pounds, the 2500 Series includes heavy-duty models at 8,600 pounds, and the 3500 Series includes full-bodied models at 9,600 pounds. Savana Cargo models are also outfitted with a fuel-saving six-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and an available 6.6L [...]

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