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warmupMetal-to-metal contact is when all machinery components wear. The application of lubricants to a mechanical environment is what diminishes that wear. When your vehicle has been sitting for any appreciable time like overnight, the oil has settled into the bottom of the oil pan of the engine and into the lower areas of all the other components containing fluids. When the vehicle starter is activated and the engine begins to turn over the oil pump comes to life before the engine can fire. Oil is quickly pumped forcefully throughout the engine and then the engine starts. With lubricants already in the upper areas of the engine from which they drained during the shutdown, there is minimal metal-to-metal contact.

Even in warmer climates or summer weather the oil must reach operating temperature [...]

Let’s be honest.

You are not in the market for a heavy duty pickup to take the kids to school or Grandma to the grocery store. If you are a serious buyer, there is only one real reason—you have work to do and lots of it. And if that truck can also handle the mundane chores of everyday life, all the better.

If that’s you, you have probably already had your eye on the GMC Sierra Denali.  Power seats with their own climate control system and a heated steering wheel will actually make you look forward to cold winter mornings. The Denali is engineered to reduce noise and vibration for a quiet, more refined ride, and makes it easy to enjoy the Bose Centerpoint Sound System. You will have to be careful that you don’t keep driving right past your destination, you‘ll be so comfortable!   

But again, hauling and towing are why you [...]


Though its facilities are modest, ORC (Ohio Recycling Center) Computer Repair stands tall on the principles of its owner’s faith and his emphasis on personalized service. Tom Flint says he doesn’t go to work eachday for his own financial gain but, rather, to help customers with their computer issues in an honest manner at a reasonable price, while serving the Lord. Flint treats his job as a type of ministry, donating a portion of all proceeds to the New Path Ministries of Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church. “We are here working for God, and that’s who I serve,” he says.

Over 35 Years Of Computer Experience With over 35 years experience repairing and working on computers, Flint has encountered most every problem possible, and knows how to dig into the circuitry [...]

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