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roadtrek class b vanDave Arbogast RV and Van Depot in Troy, Ohio, are always looking for quality used Class B vans! Arbogast is one of the nation’s largest dealers of used Class B vans. On average, they stock a dozen of these vans at any time! There is a Class B van to fit anyone’s needs at Arbogast!

If you are simply looking to sell your Class B van, Arbogast can guarantee that they will pay you more for your van than any other dealer. No one will come even close to what they will offer you! Visit their website and fill in the contact form with your preferred contact method and information, and they will get back with you promptly. Feel free as [...]

A buddy of mine and I were talking the other day, trying to solve the problems of the world.

I don’t know how we got on the subject, but he started talking about traveling, and how annoying it was to go to an activity, and then have to go all the way back to the hotel to grab a shower.

“Well”, I said, “You don’t have that problem if you have a Roadtrek.”

When I explained to him that you can shower in a Roadtrek, the best selling Class B motorhome in North America for the past two decades, my friend, my pal, a guy I have known forever, called me a liar.

“You cannot shower in a van!”

Well, you can in a camper van, and that’s just one feature that makes Roadtrek so popular with travelers across the country. They never depart without the comforts of home; bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, entertainment center. It’s [...]

I don’t know why anyone would want to be President, except you get great seats at concerts and sporting events; you have your own plane, and never have to drive yourself anywhere. But aside of that, the stress is unbelievable, you never have any private time, and the Secret Service guys aren’t very attractive (although if I was President, I would be very glad to have them!)

The other bad thing about being President is that everyone thinks they know how to do your job, and can do it better than you. The President’s current approval rating is 48%—44% think he’s doing a lousy job, and I guess 8% are like me—not qualified to judge a guy in a position that I wouldn’t take regardless of the money.

I bring all of this up, number 1, because it fascinates me. I mean, how do I, or you, or anyone else, know if the President is [...]


I just saw it on the internet, and I could not believe it. I checked it once, then again, and a third time. Apparently my eyes are not deceiving me.. Within the next week, no precipitation, with highs in the 40s!

Spring cannot be far away. I don’t know when I have looked forward to the end of the madness that has been winter like I am looking forward to it this year. Snow and cold is one thing, but that inch of ice was just too much! Enough already bring on the warm weather. You know that Roadtrek owners are ready. Soon they will be out on America’s highways and back roads, seeing the sights that only Roadtrek owners can see. They drive the best selling new Class B motorhome in America, a distinction Roadtrek has held for 20 years. The reasons are numerous.

The Roadtrek handles easily in traffic, and [...]

It’s time to play a word association game. You know how that works. I give you a word, and then I tell you what your response should be. Isn’t that the way it works? (That’s the way it always worked with my wives!)

Anyway—here we go.

Me: Conversion vans

You: Dave Arbogast

Me: Class B Camper Vans

You: Dave Arbogast

Me: RVs

You: Dave Arbogast

Me: Buicks

You: Dave Arbogast

Me: Great Service

You: Dave Arbogast

Me: Guaranteed Credit Approval

You: Dave Arbogast

Me: Complete Customer Satisfaction

You: Of Course, Dave Arbogast!

Hey, you really did well. Once you got the hang of it, you were unstoppable!

I just don’t understand why anyone would go anywhere before coming to Dave Arbogast. Look at the inventory—where else will you find a selection like this? Talk to our sales representatives. You won’t find their level of knowledge anywhere, and they are all nice guys too (well most [...]

I see that a blogger colleague of mine is boldly predicting a Green Bay victory over Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. He is basing that pick on the fact that many Packer fans are taking conversion vans or camper vans to the game to save money.

While I applaud the intelligence of Packer fans, it’s a lousy way to predict a ballgame. And here is another point…my young friend is a fan of the Detroit Lions! Yea, those Lions. The team that recently went 0-16, the franchise that has not won a title since 1957, the team that has only played for a spot in the Super Bowl once (and lost that game 41-10!) What’s a Lions fan know about football?

The key to the Super Bowl is simple. Both quarterbacks will have their moments…they are that good. But Pittsburgh can run the ball and the Packers can’t…and they certainly won’t run the ball on [...]

A new study shows that the Super Bowl may be hazardous to your health!

The study (ever wonder who gets paid to conduct these studies?) suggests that emotional stress fans feel after their team loses the Super Bowl may trigger fatal heart attacks, especially in those who already have heart disease. In 1980, when the Rams lost the Big Game to the Steelers, heart related deaths shot up 15% for men in the Los Angeles area and 27% for women in the two weeks following the game. Or so the study would have us believe.

If that’s the case, it’s a good thing I’m a Browns fan. All I do is eat, watch the game, eat some more, and go to bed when it’s over. Not much stress in that.

Maybe what these diehard fans need is a Roadtrek class b van from Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio. For one thing, the buying experience could [...]

I love Vince Lombardi, the former coach of the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins. He did things his way, and his players obviously responded to his methods.

Lombardi was hired 52 years ago this week to take over a team that had won 1 game the previous season. By the time he retired after the 1967 season, the Packers had won 98 of 132 games and five NFL titles, including the first two Super Bowls. Lombardi was all about winning, nothing else mattered. As a long suffering Browns fan, I certainly do admire that.

This story typifies Lombardi the man—even though it isn’t true. The story goes that after the 1963 season, All Pro Center Jim Ringo showed up with an agent to try and negotiate a raise. The coach calmly excused himself, and returned five minutes later, announcing that Ringo had been traded to Philadelphia. Turns out the Packers had been trying [...]

The 25th President of the United States, William McKinley, was born on January 28th, 1843.

So what, you ask?

Well, he was born in Niles, Ohio.

Again you ask, so what?

William McKinley was president from 1897-1901, when the auto industry was in its infancy. During his presidency, McKinley took a drive in a Stanley Steamer, thus becoming the first president to ride in an automobile. Wonder how many of you pals know that?

Here is something else I bet your buddies don’t know. The Roadtrek is the number one selling Class B Motorhome in North America. Impressive, right? How about this—it’s been number one for two decades! It’s a winning streak that any politician would be proud of, and is well deserved for one of the most versatile vehicles on the roadway today.

The Roadtrek class b van is easy to handle, has better fuel efficiency than a full sized SUV, fits easily into [...]

Anyone who knows me will tell you. I am not a patient person.

I don’t like waiting in lines—for anything. You will never find me standing in line for days to get concert or ballgame tickets; I simply don’t have the patience. I never buy things I have to assemble—it takes about 5 minutes before whatever it is gets heaved across the room.  I don’t like waiting in line at restaurants—and you can imagine how I feel about waiting in line to go to the bathroom. You’re right, I don’t like it.

One of the reasons I like Roadtrek Class B motorhomes—no waiting. Roadtrek is the top selling Class B in North America for the last two decades, and one of the reasons is there is no waiting. Get hungry driving the road? Pull over and make something to eat, or have one of your traveling companions whip something up. Need a quick trip to [...]

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