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The All New CS Adventurous From Roadtrek Class B Motorhomes

RoadtrekCSAdventurous1Imagine an RV without the cumbersome factor: a comfortable, roomy vehicle without excessive length and bulky weight. Its relatively small proportions belie its huge comfort and accommodating conveniences. Its beautiful exterior is only surpassed by its exquisite interior. That is the all new CS Adventurous RV from Roadtrek Class B Motorhomes. It is pure elegance on wheels.

The exterior features graceful, sleek lines, and is available in several classic, subtle hues, all of which underscore the timeless allure of the Adventurous’ quiet pizzazz. Designed with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis in mind, at 170″ long it’s easy peasy to drive and maneuver, and a breeze to park.

Additional outstanding exterior features include:

Large Frameless Windows – Enjoy fantastic vistas throughout your travels without having to step outside.
Easy Access to Rear Doors – The spare tire [...]

Can You Really Use A Roadtrek As A Daily Driver?2014_Roadtrek_190
Class B motorhomes have many of the features drivers are looking for in a vehicle to use every day. The Roadtrek is becoming one of the most popular options for this purpose. This is partly because it shares some convenient features with traditional vans. It is best to understand the pros and cons of using a Roadtrek as a daily driver.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the main advantages of a Roadtrek over other types of motorhomes is that it is very fuel-efficient. The Roadtrek gets roughly the same efficiency per gallon of gas as comparable vans. This means the cost of ownership as an everyday vehicle is not any more than other vans. The high fuel-efficiency also extends the range of the Roadtrek so that drivers [...]

On October 29th Mark and Kristine Wathke concluded their vacation in Yellowstone National Park and headed home to Wisconsin. Wyoming launched a statewide search when the Wathke’s didn’t arrive. After nearly a week trapped in their car with little food, a rancher found them. While it’s true that most lost campers will be rescued, it makes more sense to Be Prepared.

Gas, diesel, and propane tanks run out. The one thing that doesn’t is the sun. Well, … watching disaster TV makes it clear that the sun might go out, but if it does don’t count on a rescue. Stretching the fuel dollar as far as possible while on the road makes sense whether the objective is survival, comfort, or environmentalism.

Roadtrek RS E-TrekRoadtrek-e_trek-solar-panels_lrg

Historically, anything that even looked like an amenity on a Class B Motorhome meant shorter hops between refueling stops because everything on-board had [...]

N6-ActiveThe Roadtrek N6 Active is the latest state-of-the-art product released by the Canadian-based company. Centered around a Nissan NV2500 HD chassis, the N6 Active RV is propelled by the same 5.6 liter V8 engine and transmission found in Nissan’s Titan pickup truck, and it also features the truck’s same rugged boxed ladder frame. However, the upgraded suspension featured on the N6 is much more plush and similar to driving a Cadillac.

It may be a plush ride, but this bad boy of a vehicle cannot be accused of being soft. In fact, this revolutionary Class B motorhome has a cargo-carrying capacity of over 1,200 pounds, which is more than enough for six people and plenty of travel gear. Furthermore, it can tow up to 7950 pounds of boats, jeeps, or whatever toys a consumer can imagine. This makes it a terrific transportation option for those classic family [...]

210-nascarNASCAR tailgating is always a great time. It is almost as enjoyable as watching the race itself. The thrill of sharing the event with loved ones makes it even better. One of the best ways for a family to make a trek to a NASCAR event is to bring along a stellar RV like the 2013 Roadtrek 210 Popular. Here are the ways that this awesome vehicle will enhance the NASCAR racing experience.

Better Food and BeveragesOne of the best parts of the NASCAR racing experience is all the great food and drinks that are enjoyed by attendees. Of course, grilling is an important part of this experience, but the 2013 Roadtrek 210 Popular offers some features that will help with the process. Its efficient generator provides constant electricity that allows users to attach things like a blender to mix up great frozen drinks.It also has a [...]

Roadtrek is renowned for their conversion van design prowess, and one of their most popular Class B motorhome, the Roadtrek 190 Popular, is a chip off the old block. 

On the inside, the Roadtrek 190 Popular rides four, with the use of two captains’ chairs and two sofa chairs. There is also a power sofa, which allows the Popular to seat seven comfortably and makes it perfect for tailgating this football season. Other conveniences include a stove, fridge, microwave, wardrobe, sink, toilet, and TV.

The 190 Popular is built off of the Chevrolet Express 3500 chassis, and it offers the durability that you’ve come to expect out of any Chevrolet vehicle. And, it also offers great handling, excellent fuel economy, ease of parking, and a comfortable ride, all of which is just icing on the cake.

You can even have your own 4-wheel drive version, [...]


I like old TV shows.

Old, and I will admit, somewhat strange. Turn on the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, the Outer Limits, or my personal favorite, the Twilight Zone, and I won’t talk to you until the show is over. One network has a Twilight Zone marathon over New Years—and what I don’t stay up to see I record, even though I haveINVENTORY2 seen most of those shows over and over. They just don’t make TV shows like that anymore.

Now, we have talked about the benefits of the Roadtrek Class B motor home, the best selling such vehicle in North America for twenty years. Regardless of whether your trip is near or far, you never have to leave home without all the comforts you are used [...]


How many family vacations have been ruined by that one little word? Rain.INVENTORY2

Summer is the time of family reunions, trips to the beach, the neighborhood barbecue, meeting family and friends at the big game, cross country jaunts with the kids. All those activities have one big thing in common—they suck in the rain.

Country singer Luke Bryan had a recent hit single titled “Rain is a Good Thing.” It’s true, to a point. Crops don’t grown without rain, but too much rain at this time of the year keeps farmers from even getting into the fields to plant. Rain that is much needed in July is despised in May—and dry weather that we crave now can be a disaster later in the growing season.

The [...]

INVENTORY2I know several people who like to travel the country during the summer attending country music shows. There are several that are 3 to 4 days long, and bring in 12-15 different acts for a weekend of music. Many are held around campgrounds, where the music lovers can party all day, and then camp overnight.

All of that is good, if you are into that. What I don’t understand is that these people prefer sleeping in tents, on the ground at these events. That I don’t get.

These events would be a lot more enjoyable, if you ask me, in a Class B Motorhome. You could travel to the event, park, enjoy the day’s festivities, then overnight in the Roadtrek. It makes a lot more sense [...]

I am about to make a huge confession. Yes, it’s time for me to come out of the closet. I never miss an episode of “Dancing with The Stars”.

I know a lot of guys who actually watch the show, and why not? The women are attractive, the music is great, and there is always the chance of someone making a fool of themselves. I didn’t think I would ever get hooked, but I am—and Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith even won the competition a few seasons back. And hey, it IS a competition. Men like watching competition, right?

Now that that’s out of the way, and what a relief, by the way, lets talk about something that really matters, It’s almost vacation time, and when planning the annual summer trip, you need to plan on traveling in a Roadtrek Class B Motorhomes.

The best selling class b Motor home in North [...]

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