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With the weather heating up, it’s time to clean out the conversion van and get it ready for travel. Over the winter, your van has probably suffered from the effects of cold weather, and the inside could use a good scrubbing. Below is a list of things you need to take care of before heading out on your summer vacation.

Eliminating Mold And Mildew
Even if you gave the inside of your van the once-over last fall, you should make sure the appliances and upholstery are completely sanitized. If your vehicle has a liquid propane stove, the burner elements need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned. Pay special attention to the burner plates, as soot particles can easily become lodged in tight areas around the base of the unit. A diluted cleanser – preferably an organically formulated one – should be used to clean the exterior cabinetry. The van floor is susceptible to moisture condensation [...]

Driving a Class B Camper Van like a Pleasure Way or a Winnebago Era can be an amazing way to see the country, reconnect with family, and enjoy the pleasures of AscentExternal21the open road. However, with the power and freedom of a camper van comes a responsibility to share the road and be a respectful and safe driver. Here are 10 ways to become a more respectful and considerate driver while driving one of these RVs.

1. Keep the left lane for passing vehicles

Most states already have laws that state that the left lane should only be used when passing or when turning. If you aren’t doing either of the two, you should be in the right lane.

2. Learn to zipper merge

Zipper merging is a good way to make construction zones or quick [...]

wheelchair iconUnlike the average van and large utility vehicle, vans designed to accommodate wheelchairs are much more complicated when it comes to maintenance and service on a regular basis. The good news for consumers is that the majority of vehicles of this kind come with outstanding warranties and a team of experts who are on standby to answer questions and concerns that customers may have. It is a good idea for people using wheelchair-accommodating vans on a daily basis to adopt a schedule of regular maintenance that they conduct from home in order to avoid costly repairs down the road as the vehicle ages.

Develop Relationships

The first step in securing the future of your vehicle is to keep in constant contact with the dealer that services your equipment. When there is a detailed history regarding the problems and conditions of the vehicle’s operation, the problems you [...]

 Understanding class b motorhome weights may seem an impossible task and nothing but a jumble of acronyms when first exposed to them. However, it’s the responsibility of every class b and RV operator to understand and abide by each one. Note that it is the responsibility of the operator to abide by these rules, not necessarily the owner of the vehicle. If ever stopped, the driver is the one who will most likely be liable for any violations. Always be on the safe side and find a full set of scales to determine the actual weight for each category listed here.

Obviously, the most important reason for these limitations involves the safe operation of the vehicle. Overloading an RV may cause equipment failure or loss of control which could lead to accidents. Over time, one can expect the continued abuse of the set [...]

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