Dave Arbogast Van Depot is proud to report Class B Van sales are on the rise and Roadtrek is leading the way. RV buyers are seeing class b vans as an alternative to gas loving class a and class c models. Retail sales of Class B motorhomes rose 29.1 percent in April, Statistical Surveys Inc. has reported.

Roadtrek Class B Vans continues to lead the way with a 38.8 percent market share in April and a 39.8 percent share year-to-date.  Pleasure-Way comes in second with a 24.8 percent share in April and 23 percent share year-to-date.  Coming in third is Winnebago with a 21.1 percent share in April and 18.1 percent share year-to-date.

Class B Vans get great gas mileage and with their relatively small size can be taken anywhere. RV buyers are noticing their appeal and enjoying the economical experience of a Class B Van.  For more information or to see how a class b van could fit into your life style call 1-866-975-3287 or visit Dave Arbogast Van Depot.

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