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I used to love going to football games. Dad and I always went to Cleveland to see the Browns once a year. My friends and I would always make a couple of Ohio State games. Then comfort started to be important, and my attitude changed.

It can be cold in Cleveland, even in September. With the wind blowing off the lake; not comfortable. They cram 105,000 bodies into 95,000 seats at Ohio Stadium; not comfortable. But the most uncomfortable I have ever been was during my one and only trip to the Hall of Fame game in Canton.

A friend and I drove up. The tickets were free (I don’t pay for exhibition games!) The sun was out and it was hot.(This was when the game was still played on Saturdsay afternoon.) We take our seats and right before kickoff a guy comes down our row. He hadn’t bathed in a month, hadn’t shaved in a decade, and he was carrying all of this Hall of Fame stuff. Of course, he had the seat right next to me. That was bad enough, but the whole time he kept rocking back in forth in his seat singing “I love football. I love football” over and over. We left at halftime. Not very comfortable at all.

Anyway, comfort is important to me, especially as I get older. And nowhere is comfort more available than in a Roadtrek 190-Versatile. Two captain’s seats and forward facing lounge seats provide belted seating up front, while the power sofa in the back is a real triple threat. It’s a great place to watch a movie with the optional flat screen TV, provides belted seating for another three, and at night, or any other time you want, makes into a 74 inch double bed. Comfort every where you look.

The 190-Versatile is exactly that—versatile. You have all the comforts of home wherever you are, and all within an economical and easy to drive van. It’s also the perfect second family vehicle for running errands, taking the kids to their events, or just sitting in the driveway as a luxury suite for out of town guests (Maybe that guiy at the Hall of F ame game?). Comfort, style and affordability—that’s Roadtrek from one end to the other.

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