These days, the service industry is oriented toward luxury. While it is certainly easy to imagine how luxury is defined in some ways, there are angles you might not have thought of right away. To get started in the luxury driving business, all it takes is a good driving record, a cheerful and helpful attitude, and a conversion van.

Bailing out weddings

Beyond a shadow of the doubt, one of the biggest problems that limousine companies have is running out of transportation options before the big day. It only takes a couple of vehicles breaking down for everything to start unraveling. In addition to utilizing your conversion van for a long list of potential customers, keep in mind that you can be the perfect backup plan for a business that is similar to the services you offer.

Furthermore, scheduling weddings is also helpful to you as a conversion van owner/operator. Since most of your business will happen at night or weekdays, weddings offer you a nice weekend business perk during the afternoons.

Teen formal events need drivers

Even though they cannot drive, teenagers are in constant need of transportation. Of course, they tend to travel in groups and this means that having the option of 8 passengers plus a driver is perfect for them. In addition to the homecoming and prom, there are also special religious events such as Bar Mitzvahs or Bat Mitzvahs. Some Latin Americans also have a special teen event called a Quinceanera.

Each of these special days required that children behave like adults and wear beautiful formal clothing. Without a doubt, they will think that your conversion van with factory installed and customized details is the coolest thing on the planet. For this reason, their parents will continue to hire you because you make things fun for their kids and provide them with a safe driver.

Partying on the weekends and preventing drunk driving

When couples have children, they often follow out of circulation with their friends. Regardless, when kids are old enough to have a baby sitter, they will team up with old chums and go out for a spectacular night on the town. This could include a sports game, an expensive dinner, and dancing.

They are willing to pay top dollar and the only thing they do not want to worry about is how much they are drinking, where to park, and who will drive. In these cases, your conversion van easily bounces around the city and drops them off at the front door without needing special parking like a limousine. It is comfortable for four couples without drawing attention like a mini-bus and is an easy sell as the perfect solution for a group date night.

Transport for special luxury events

Finally, if you like to travel, keep in mind that there are a wealth of opportunity’s associated with special annual events. Good examples are the Kentucky Derby, the Super Bowl, and the Stanley Cup. There is also the upcoming ultra-riche 2013 America’s Cup Yacht Race in San Francisco.

All of these events need help moving around celebrities, the press, and other organizing groups. Your relaxing adjustable factory installed conversion van seats will easily lure them into hiring your services (at top dollar) for the entire event.

Is a conversion van your new career?

If you still have questions concerning the value of a passenger conversion van as part of your new business investment, take a look online to see how this has been a single-handed success for many. For any other questions, be sure to call Southern Comfort Conversion Vans for a complete run down of expectations. Before long, you will be behind the wheel and saying good-bye to wearing someone else’s uniform forever.