To borrow the title of the number one song from 1972, written by John Denver, country roads do lead home, and there is no better way to get there than in a Roadtrek Class B Camper van.

The Roadtrek has everything g you need, regardless of where you are headed. It is easy to maneuver through heavy traffic, and because of its size, parking is a breeze. The Roadtrek can slip into most car-sized parking spaces, meaning no more long walks from the back of the parking lot, where most motor homes reside.

Convenience is a must when away from home and the Roadtrek delivers big time. Having your own kitchen means no more expensive restaurants or fast food, your own bathroom means no more standing in line at crowded venues, or late night trips thru dark campgrounds, and the spacious, comfortable bed eliminates the need for expensive hotels and packing things in an out of the vehicle every night.

Traveling is just so much easier in a class b motorhome—and you can get yours today at Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio. Check out the huge inventory on line, and then give their van experts a call at 1-866-975-3287. You will be traveling country roads in no time.