Pre-owned-vehicle-graphicUsed car shoppers in Ohio have thousands of used car dealerships to pick from. With so many dealerships to pick from what makes Dave Arbogast Used Cars rise to the head of the pick list?

Many dealerships specialize in just one, or perhaps a handful of specific brands, or types of vehicles. While Dave Arbogast remains true to its roots—Dave’s first dealership sold Buick, as well as Pontiac and GMC cars, a tradition upheld in Arbogast’s Troy location—Dave Arbogast has moved on to incorporate many styles and brands into their inventory. Arbogast Used Cars in Ohio has thousands of used vehicle options, including Nissans, Saturns, Fords, Chevrolets, Jeeps, family cars, sports cars, trucks, RVs and Vans, just to get the list started.

Arbogast’s list is so extensive customer’s who do not see exactly what they want online are encouraged to call Arbogast’s toll free customer service line to speak to a customer agent to see if what they are looking for is under service or en route. If not, the friendly service personnel at Arbogast can send a heads up when the right vehicle appears.


Fairness is a vital part of Dave Arbogast’s commitment to customer satisfaction. To that end, Carfax, the used car fact sheet which ensures customer’s get an honest evaluation of their potential car purchase, is a part of Arbogast’s online site.

Arbogast’s dedication to fairness extends to their method of pricing, a method which entails assessing the market by culling and comparing prices listed at thousands of dealerships. With their homework done, Arbogast decides on a fair price for each vehicle. Because of this commitment to fairness for the customer Arbogast Used Cars has some of the most notably low prices to be found in the Ohio area. Buyers on budgets will find a good selection even under 12000.


Dave Arbogast’s commitment to what it calls “haggle” free service extends to financing. Their flexible financing models exist to ensure bankruptcy and poor credit need not stand in the way of customers seeking a new used vehicle from Arbogast.
Clearly, with their large selection, their commitment to honest and fair dealing, which includes their innovative use of ‘Market Value Pricing,’ their flexible financing options and “haggle” free environment, Dave Arbogast Used Cars deserves to be at the top of the list when it comes to Ohio customers seeking to buy cheap used vehicles.