It’s been a long day and you’re heading down a back country road when you see it – an old RV whose life has expired after years of use.

What was once an escape for the whole family, a traveling home-away-from-home has become an old, decrepit, pile of metal bones.

Anymore, it’s almost as if one can’t drive down an old back road and not see an RV off to the side of which the years have taken its toll on.

But for those looking to purchase an RV, or looking for ways to help make their current vehicle survive the test of Father Time better, there are a few easy tips you can follow.

Low Tires are a No-No:

Every vehicle’s tires are different. Before heading out on your journey, take a moment to make sure your tire inflation is up to par. This includes everything from checking the sidewalls of each tire to ensure their inflation isn’t exceeding the maximum inflation of the tire, checking for bulges while traveling and also even covering them up when not in use to help protect them from the elements. Also, rotating your RV’s tires a few times a year is also recommended.

Take a Break to Check Your Brakes.

Make sure your vehicle’s axles are in good shape. One of the easiest ways to do this is to pack your bearings and check them at least once a year.

A Dry RV is a Sad RV.

Don’t forget your RV gets thirsty too. Check it’s fluids regularly. It’s just plain common sense. To help keep your RV’s mechanical features running as efficiently as possible, check its oil, coolant, windshield fluid, etc. Also, it’s a good idea to run your vehicle’s generator and motor for at least an hour every month to help keep it running as efficiently as possible.

Tighten Those Lug Nuts!

It’s never a bad idea to torque your lug nuts before every journey to make sure your vehicle’s wheels and tires. This will also could help you from losing a wheel in the occurrence of a blow out.

The Battery: The Heart of It All.

Make sure your battery is charged. Don’t forget to top off its water at least once a month. When your RV is not in use, it’s also a good idea to disconnect its battery. If your vehicle has a battery disconnect, remember to turn the switch off. If it doesn’t, disconnect the positive and negatives wires from the terminals. Also, a good way to store your battery in the off-season is as simple as placing it on a sheet of cardboard in your garage.

Drain Your Tanks Regularly.

It’s a good idea to fully drain your hot water heater and fresh water tank periodically throughout the year as it helps to prevent water from becoming stagnant and a haven for bacteria.

Check Your RV’s Gadgets!

Taking a moment, even when not it’s not in use, to make sure all of your RV’s appliances are working before one of your road adventures is a quick and easy way to ensure your vehicle is in proper working order.

Inspection Time…

There are a variety of inspections you can do which will can ultimately help you save money in the long run.

Roof: Clean your vehicle’s roof off several times a year. This won’t just help keep the exterior looking new, but will also benefit your RV’s structural integrity. With it being the number one area for possible leaks, inspecting the roof and correcting any possible leaks is a must.

Awning: Everybody enjoys sitting underneath their RV’s awning and enjoying lunch with the family. With that said, your RV’s awning gets rained on, has the sun beat down on it, and more. Don’t forget to check it at least two times a year for possible rips or tears.

Keep Your Refrigerator Fresh.

Emptying out all of the contents in your RV’s refrigerator and freezer is a great idea when it’s not in use. Also, don’t forget to turn them off and prop open the doors. And hey, don’t be afraid to throw a box of baking soda inside it to help keep those unwanted odors out.

Keep it Clean!!!

Quite simply, keeping your RV clean will help protect your investment.

Nobody wants their RV to become one of those skeletons seen by the side of the road.

Keeping up on your RV’s maintenance is the most effective way to accomplish this. At Dave Arbogast RV and Boat Depot, we have any part you need and a team ready to help service your vehicle. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-975-3287.

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