I just saw it on the internet, and I could not believe it. I checked it once, then again, and a third time. Apparently my eyes are not deceiving me.. Within the next week, no precipitation, with highs in the 40s!

Spring cannot be far away. I don’t know when I have looked forward to the end of the madness that has been winter like I am looking forward to it this year. Snow and cold is one thing, but that inch of ice was just too much! Enough already bring on the warm weather. You know that Roadtrek owners are ready. Soon they will be out on America’s highways and back roads, seeing the sights that only Roadtrek owners can see. They drive the best selling new Class B motorhome in America, a distinction Roadtrek has held for 20 years. The reasons are numerous.

The Roadtrek handles easily in traffic, and because of its smaller size, parking is a breeze. How many large RVs have you seen taking up several parking spots at the end of the parking lot? The Roadtrek can fit into regular sized spots, meaning no more long walks to your destination. You never really leave home when you travel ion a Roadtrek. You always have your own bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area, and an entertainment center that takes up little room but provides plenty of relaxation. Whether traveling across this great country of ours, or simply going to the grocery store, a Roadtrek makes your life easier. Comfort, style, convenience. It all adds up to a Roadtrek class b van. See them today at Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio.

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