Roadtrek Class B Van | Camper Van

I own a Class B RV—a Roadtrek 210. For two years I have roamed the country, Midwest and Deep South, with shorter trips into Ohio, New York, the Middle Atlantic states, and New England destinations. My Roadtrek 210 has taken me away from the “frozen north” into the “hospitable south” and provided weeks of extraordinary luxury.

The Roadtrek Class B Van is just what the doctor ordered. It’s built on a Chevy, gives me outstanding gas mileage, and provides all the necessary comforts of home on the road. Granted, it isn’t as spacious as a Class A diesel pusher, but that’s okay: I don’t need a Jacuzzi on the road, and my wife and I, now in retirement, have long since “graduated” our children to RVs of their own. And then that diesel gets all of six miles to the gallon, a major problem with what fuel sells for now.

It has heat; it has A/C. It’s got a sound system and cable provisions. It doesn’t have a luxurious bathroom, but it’s sufficient for our needs when other alternatives are not available. We have a spacious kitchen and serving area (so long as we’re not both standing there at the same time). And we can move around without having to bend.

We have the same king-sized bed we have at home. We’re just careful to raise the back bumper to elevate our bodies when sleeping. The captain’s chairs are comfortable to ride in and to swivel and play games. We’ve modified our 210 to remove one of the chairs and replace it with cabinets. When we travel, and because we don’t have children with us, we want as much closet space as we can get. There’s no overhead bunk space to waste and every possible cubic inch of space inside the RV is well-planned and fully-used.

The unit comes equipped with both 12V DC and 110V AC. It has an installed generator that runs the microwave and other electronics when we’re not connected at a campground. There’s enough water onboard for dishes and flushes; there’s enough propane to cook all the meals we need to. And a refrigerator that operates on 12V, 110V, and propane adds to the mix.

Outside, there’s a very large awning. It allows a table and chairs to be set and protects us from most of the rain and all of the sun. We have added screening for when the double-wing doors are open.

Where can we go? Anywhere. We do trips before the white stuff begins to fall. I could drive it in the snow, but why bother? We climb into it, point the nose south, and take on a new annual adventure. What can we do when we get there? That’s why I carry my laptop and put it on local websites for interesting places to visit and outstanding places to eat.

And the very best part of all? This Roadtrek Class B Van fits in a single parking space. We can overnight in a retailer’s parking lot. We can take it downtown to run errands. Even when we’re connected at a campground, we’re free to move back on the road and to a new adventure in mere minutes.