Want to travel the country in a unique way? A conversion van offers a camping and vacationing experience that is convenient and memorable.

Driving a conversion van from point A to point B is made easy because of its size and handling. Driving an RV can be a daunting task, especially in traffic, but the maneuverability of these vans has made them popular for RVers in recent years.

What about camping in a conversion van? They come with all kinds of amenities, so while you’re at the campground, you won’t exactly be roughing it. Whether you want to cook a meal inside or grill outside, dinnertime can be fun and memorable. After dinner, you can sit inside the van and watch a movie, if you so desire.

Another draw of traveling in a conversion van is how easy it is to leave the campground and explore. If you camp out near the beach, you can leave and park and head to the ocean. If you want to sightsee in a big city, then drive and park your conversion van downtown. Want to check out the countryside? Just hop in your van and enjoy exploring America’s back roads. It is comparable to using an RV to pull a small car or dinghy, except a conversion van serves both purposes!

Check out a conversion van today, and see the vacationing possibilities for yourself!