These are not easy times. People say the economy is improving, but you haven’t seen it. Your credit has taken a hit, and now your car has traveled its last mile.

It’s enough to keep you awake at night…and knowing that there are millions of Americans in the same situation doesn’t help. But this will—there is a solution.

It’s Dave Says Yes.

Sure, times are tough, but upgrading your vehicle doesn’t have to be. Dave Says Yes offers bad credit car loans, which means no matter what your credit history—bankruptcy, repossession, bad credit, no credit—Dave Says Yes can help you get into a quality Used vehicle and get your peace of mind back.

Here is another benefit of Guaranteed Credit Approval—it allows you to improve that all important credit score. Make your payments on time, every time, and even pay a little extra on your principal from time to time. That allows you to pay down the loan more quickly, and after a few months, your credit score will start to improve.

The process could not be easier. Simply come in or fill out a finance form online, select your vehicle and you are on your way to being credit approved. And to a better night’s sleep. It really is that easy.

Dave wants to say YES to you, but you have to take that all important first step. Call 1-866-975-3287 or stop in at 3520 South County Road 25-A in Troy.


*Does not apply to conversion vans or class b vans.

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