The air conditioner on every Roadtrek is also either a heat pump, or equipped with heat strips. These will provide adequate heat to warm the interior of your Roadtrek Class B Camper when the outside temperature is above 40 degrees. Perfect for those fall mornings and evenings when the temperature dips after the sun goes down. The heat pump allows you to maintain a comfortable inside temperature utilizing the campground’s electric service, and saves your LP for colder temperature use. When the temperature falls below 40 degrees, simply start your onboard 16,000 BTU propane furnace.

One of the most frequently asked questions this time of year: Is the water system designed for winter use? In 190 and 210 models, Roadtrek has added a second fresh water tank located inside the motor home. By using RV antifreeze in the black and gray holding tanks, the water system can be used in below freezing conditions to 10 degrees F (-10 degrees C). In the 170, RS and SS models, the fresh water tank, water lines, and water heater should not be used in below freezing temperatures. However, you can still use the sink and toilet by carrying a fresh water supply inside the vehicle and using RV anti-freeze in the black and gray waste-water tanks.

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