Traveling to New Orleans to attend the Big Game in February 2013 will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all involved. One way to make the experience even more fun and memorable for a group of family and friends would be to make the journey in a Class B van.  A Class B motorhome’s size makes it both compact enough to conveniently maneuver yet spacious enough to comfortably transport loved ones and accommodate guests for a massive tailgate party or a small gathering before the big game.

Class B motorhomes offer the maneuverability of a large van coupled with the convenience of a full sized recreational vehicle. Most newer model Class B motorhomes have a height of between nine and ten feet. The widths on newer models run between six and seven feet, and the lengths of the homes run between eighteen and twenty feet. Most class B motorhomes can sleep two to four people, so they are ideal for an immediate family’s trip to the The Big Game. Newer models have a freshwater capacity of between twenty-five and thirty gallons, a gray water capacity of up to twenty gallons, and a black water capacity of up to ten gallons. The interior packages of the newer class B motorhomes are customizable to individual needs. Most come with a spacious area for the driver with an interface similar to that of a standard Sport Utility Vehicle. Some even come with a convenient five-inch rearview camera to assist with backing and parking, a major convenience when considering the traffic and parking situations that will infiltrate New Orleans in February. Class B motorhomes can also come with hand-made cabinetry, couches, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, and high-definition televisions, a great option for watching the pre game coverage by the sports analysts.

The Big Game is scheduled for Sunday, February 3, 2013 and will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. This will mark the tenth time New Orleans has hosted the The Big Game, the most of any city. However, this will be the first time New Orleans has hosted a The Big Game since the Superdome’s damage from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and since its major renovations in 2011 including the selling of the naming rights to Mercedes-Benz and the addition of Champions Square, an outdoor, 121,000-square-foot plaza that is sure to be the site of much excitement come The Big Game weekend.

The festivities associated with the The Big Game are slated to begin on Tuesday, January 29 with the annual The Big Game media day. For only the second time in history, a limited number of spectator tickets were made available for the media event for the The Big Game where players, coaches, and performers associated with the game and halftime show are interviewed by the press. Unfortunately, however, there are no parking lots that are advertised as being available for motor homes for the media day event

Fortunately, there are activity options for Class B motorhomes in the New Orleans area. There is a KOA campground in the New Orleans area that offers several amenities including fishing options and several golf courses nearby. A secluded campground will offer great preparation for the exciting The Big Game weekend ahead.

Parking for Class B Motorhomes will be limited on The Big Game Sunday, with only three lots offering parking for recreational vehicles. Two of the lots are located five blocks away (north and east of the Superdome), and one is located four blocks north of the Superdome. The lot five blocks north costs $650, the one five blocks east costs $1125, and the one four blocks north costs $75. All three parking lots allow tailgating, a The Big Game tradition that will be made all the better with a Class B Motorhome.