Let’s face it. There was probably a time in the not too distant past when you were as proud of your conversion van1fde4b07dce426fb5f358a29f7917abfx as you were anything else you owned. But in the time since there have probably been numerous things happen inside that van the makes you take a not-do-prideful look at your van today. In fact, it is probably such a mess that you’re even giving serious thought to selling it. If you would really not sell your van or perhaps don’t have the money for something new, that’s a good thing since this article will show you how to turn that beloved machine into

All the Needs that Fit

It doesn’t take much of a look through the auto care section of your local store to impress upon you how much there is available to help you clean your van. Fortunately, with this in mind, all you need to do to start is to make a mental list of all the surfaces you have in your van. If your van is like most, there are probably carpeted areas, vinyl, plastic, leather, and many others. Now to take your list to the car care section to pick out what you need. Don’t be deceived into believing the ads for one product that fits all, but there are specific products for each surface,.

Now For the Equipment

All of those soaps and cleaners won’t clean your van by themselves. You’re going to need a variety of brushes, rags, maybe a chamois, and other tools to make them work. It’s also a good idea, depending on how much detail you want to get into, to have some small tools to wrap your rags around in order to get into little cracks and other areas that might be too small for your fingers to reach.

The Overall Job

Not long after you get started with your cleaning, chances are good that you will have the beginning of some serious residue from the cleaning products all over your van’s interior. A small vacuum cleaning can make short work of this as well as the final all-over cleaning when you’re getting done. If you have shampooed the carpeting you will also need the vacuum to finish that part off too.

It’s not a matter of rocket science to clean your conversion van. In fact, after you get started you will probably be surprised to discover how good your van will look, both today and for years to come.