If you are taking a long trip or are simply going out for a nighttime excursion, chances are that you will eventually be stuck in the rain. Driving in the rain can be incredibly hazardous simply because the rain provides slippery conditions on pavement. In general, more car accidents occur during the rain than days when it is nicer outside. Also, areas that get hit with colder weather have a tendency to deal with freezing rain, which can be even worse when it comes to driving. Driving safely in the rain is so important for both you and your loved ones who happen to be a Conversion Van with you.

Slow Down, Use Lights and Wipers

When it begins to rain out, it is important for you to immediately drop your speed. While you shouldn’t drop it low enough as to cause a traffic jam behind you, you also should not be speeding and even going the speed limit can be dangerous for you and your passengers. Drop your speed so that you are comfortable driving on the road. Always put your headlights and wipers on during a rainstorm so that you can clearly see in front of you at all times. Pay attention to vehicles in front of you, behind you and even on the side of you.

Pull Over When Needed

A light rainstorm is relatively easy to drive through, however, there are going to come times when a light rainstorm turns into a heavy one that pounds your conversion van with forceful drops. If it is raining so heavily outside that you cannot see well in front of you, you should find the nearest rest stop to pull over. You should never drive your vehicle in a storm that hinders you from seeing everything around you clearly. Many accidents are caused in these types of rainstorms, so it is best to simply pull your vehicle over whenever it is most convenient.

Stay Steady and Avoid Quick Turns

One of the most important things to remember about driving in the rain is to avoid any quick turns or movements. If you turn a corner very quickly and the pavement under the vehicle is wet, you risk the chance of hydroplaning the van and this could cause an accident. Try to avoid switching lanes too quickly and always turn corners slowly when it is raining out. Rain can cause pavement to become incredibly slippery and this can be dangerous for you while you are driving the van. By taking your time and always being safe behind the wheel, even driving in the rain will be easy for you to do no matter where you happen to be going.