It looks like there is going to be a work stoppage in the National Football League for the first time since 1987.  van

The entire situation is insanity. Its Billionaires fighting with millionaires over how to divide $9 billion in profits. We should all have such problems. It would serve them right if nobody ever went to another game. How greedy c an you get?

With such problems looming—the question has been raised “How will NFL fans survive if there is no football in 2011?” The question is asked like it’s a national emergency. No one is taking away your food or vital medicine—and you aren’t being banished to the streets or wilderness without shelter, but for the sake of this blog, I’ll play along.

First of all, I root for the Browns, so a season without the NFL would probably do me good. Secondly, I am already planning on spending my fall weekends away from home in a Roadtrek Class B Motor Home.

I imagine that tooling down the highway in the easy to drive, easy to park Roadtrek motorhome will ease my frustration over the NFL. I’m going to leave Friday night and come back Sunday night (maybe!) and I bet I don’t miss the NFL at all!

There is plenty to see in this country of ours, and the Roadtrek makes a road trip both exciting and affordable. You can whip up you own creations in the Roadtrek kitchen, stretch out on the spacious and comfortable bed, and have a bathroom and shower on hand 24 hours a day. Shoot, who needs football?

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