Their motto is “All of our vehicles are driven to satisfaction.” That pretty well sums up the guarantee of Dave Arbogast and his time at Arbogast Conversion Vans in Troy, Ohio. Arbogast had dream in mind when he purchased the a car dealership there in 1992. Before the first year had gone by he could see that the original facility and location just weren’t big enough for what he was planning. He purchased 35 more acres the very next year and that was the beginning of a new modern facility and with it an expanded dream.

The dealership grew by leaps and bounds. Soon a building for pre-owned vehicles went up, then a facility for boats and RV’s. The business just kept growing. First there were new vehicles, then used vehicles, then RV’s, the boats and then conversion vans. One of the latest adventures has been in that ever-popular market of fifth-wheel trailers and other travel homes and motor homes. The reasons for this rapid expansion are many. Every vehicle is guaranteed. There is certainly something here for everyone, every budget, every family, every need, every adventure. The inventory is expansive. There are many dealerships all over the United States that offer the same vehicles and watercraft and motor homes that Arbogast offers. But one important convenience stands out with the Arbogast dealership. Everything they offer can be found at one location. That’s a hard deal to beat.

Arbogast has received awards and commendations for every product they carry and every manufacturer they represent. He has certainly earned his place as an industry leader in every facet of the business. Another reason for their success is the availability for you to have you vehicle picked up and brought to the facility for service and also to receive delivery anywhere of a vehicle you purchase.

With all the awards and achievements it just seems to follow that the Arbogast dealership would classes as the #1 Class B Motor Homes in all the state of Ohio. The offer everything in motor homes from Airstream Interstate to Roadtrek RS Adventurous to Winnebago Era. This is the place for the best deals you’ll find in class B motor homes.

So there you have it, many reasons for the fast expansion and the continual growth of the Arbogast dealership. Dave Arbogast says those reasons are all true, but he adds one more thing. The real reason for the explosive growth and success of the dealership lies in these two words: Customer Satisfaction.