Still feel that the original Roadtrek models are a bit too big for you? No worries. Roadtrek now offers your solution, the SS Series Class B motorhomes. They are built on the Short Sprinter chassis with a 144” wheelbase compared to a 170” wheelbase on the original models. These total body length of these motorhomes are 40” shorter and allow for a total vehicle length of a mere 19.5 feet! With all of the same amenities offered in the original series of Roadtrek Class B motorhomes it is all wrapped up in a slightly smaller even more manageable package!

Even better, specifically look at the Roadtrek SS-Ideal; this model offers a rear slide out room giving an additional 36” of interior space! This is the first slide to be produced in a Class B motorhome in the industry. You have the best of both worlds, a 40” shorter vehicle while driving and the slide is in, and an additional three feet of length when parked and the slide is out. In the end, there is basically no space lost at all!

Check these awesome new Class B’s out at Dave Arbogast today, and allow us to help you find your dream motorhome!