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Roadtrek Class B Motorhomes: The Stress Reliever

There are a lot of things that annoy me. I admit that. People standing at the check-out counter scratching off their lottery tickets while you wait in line—people who take three prime parking spaces at the restaurant so no one scratches their vehicle—actually, people in general. It seems that many of us have forgotten that the rest of us exist. There is no such thing as courtesy anymore.

By far the most frustrating thing for me is people and their cell phones. I have one—I’m never without it. It’s not the fact that people have cell phones, but the way they use them. I never make or take a call when I’m driving—but that puts me in a vast minority. Anyone who tells you that they can talk on the phone or text while driving without being distracted in lying—and may get you killed in the process.

I have seen people on their cell phones at funerals, their kids school plays, in church during the middle of the sermon, and of course, in restaurants. I know of nothing ruder than to be having dinner with someone and have them spend 20 minutes on the phone with someone else. Most people and things are simply not that important.

All of this leads me to the Roadtrek Class B Motorhome—the ultimate stress reliever. It’s easy to drive, handles well in traffic, and is one of the more fuel efficient vehicles on the road today. You have all the conveniences of home at your fingertips…bathroom, kitchen, entertainment center, even a show. It’s the perfect vehicle for cross country trips or across town jaunts—you travel in comfort in a class b camper no matter what your destination.

As for the cell phones—check them at the door. You travel in comfort, and also peace and quiet in a Roadtrek. You just might be surprised how enjoyable traveling can be when the only people who can talk to you are right there in the vehicle with you!

Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio is the only stop you need to make when in the market for a Roadtrek. They have a great selection, and a professional sales staff that makes the buying experience easy and hassle free. Call them today at 1-866-975-3257!

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