I don’t know why anyone would want to be President, except you get great seats at concerts and sporting events; you have your own plane, and never have to drive yourself anywhere. But aside of that, the stress is unbelievable, you never have any private time, and the Secret Service guys aren’t very attractive (although if I was President, I would be very glad to have them!)

The other bad thing about being President is that everyone thinks they know how to do your job, and can do it better than you. The President’s current approval rating is 48%—44% think he’s doing a lousy job, and I guess 8% are like me—not qualified to judge a guy in a position that I wouldn’t take regardless of the money.

I bring all of this up, number 1, because it fascinates me. I mean, how do I, or you, or anyone else, know if the President is doing a good job? We see very little of him, and my guess is that if we knew what he knows, we would stay cowering in bed every morning. He is a good speech maker, but aside of that, what do we REALLY know about the job he’s doing?

This brings me to this amazing statistic. Eighty-Five percent of Roadtrek Class B Van owners say that they would buy another one—85%! The people who drive Roadtreks everyday, who know about their features, drivability and fuel efficiency, who live in them when they are on the road —Eighty five percent say that they would buy another one. That’s an astounding number—and the best validation that any product can have.

The Roadtrek has been the top selling Class B camper van since before Justin Bieber was born. (That’s a blatant attempt to attract young readers!) More than two decades to be exact. Hey handle easily bin traffic, can be parked in most car-sized parking spots, have all the conveniences of home, and let you travel in comfort and style across town or across the country. No wonder nearly nine out of ten owners say that should the need arise, they would purchase another Roadtrek.

You may never see new or used Roadtrek on a campaign sign, but there are plenty of them on the road. Start your Roadtrek adventure at Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio. See their inventory on line, then call 1-866-975-3287. Don’t hesitate—spring is right around the corner, and you will want to be ready to hit the road!

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