On October 29th Mark and Kristine Wathke concluded their vacation in Yellowstone National Park and headed home to Wisconsin. Wyoming launched a statewide search when the Wathke’s didn’t arrive. After nearly a week trapped in their car with little food, a rancher found them. While it’s true that most lost campers will be rescued, it makes more sense to Be Prepared.

Gas, diesel, and propane tanks run out. The one thing that doesn’t is the sun. Well, … watching disaster TV makes it clear that the sun might go out, but if it does don’t count on a rescue. Stretching the fuel dollar as far as possible while on the road makes sense whether the objective is survival, comfort, or environmentalism.

Roadtrek RS E-TrekRoadtrek-e_trek-solar-panels_lrg

Historically, anything that even looked like an amenity on a Class B Motorhome meant shorter hops between refueling stops because everything on-board had to run off the generator. Recent advances in solar panels that increase power conversion, as well as, advances in battery technology, have changed that. True. It’s still not feasible to run the whole trip on solar, it may never be, but a 245 watt solar panel makes it practical to run the electrical appliances and power the outlets that way. That frees up more of the diesel fuel supply that efficiently provides both heat and hot water. The inverter supplies a whopping 5,000 watts, so when you figure that a PC and a monitor uses about 270 watts, and a big screen TV uses about 150 watts, the E-Trek has plenty of juice available.

Easier to Use

Since the E-Trek’s systems are fully integrated, it’s not even strictly necessary to hook up to outside power. Roadtrek makes it possible if you want to hook up, but you don’t have to. Thoughtful features like that mean that you have less to learn to enjoy and E-Trek than in a traditional RV.

Environmentally Friendly

Roadtrek designed the RS E-Trek to be environmentally friendlier than other RV’s on the road. If you’re the sort of traveler who thinks about being environmentally responsible at the same time as having a permanent luxury bathroom and shower, look no further. The E-Trek leaves a smaller carbon emissions footprint than other RV’s while offering greater luxury, seating 2-7 passengers, and sleeping up to four people.


Roadtrek makes getting the exact vehicle you want easy too, and it’s not just about color, either. A variety of floor plans are available for chassis sold in both the US and Canada. Furniture and appliances including armoires, mattresses, and televisions are all factory-installable options. Additional safety features are available, too.


Roadtrek claims the title for the greatest functionality in any motor home or van on the road today. Its luxury, customizability, simplicity, and environmental friendliness make it a must see for new RV shoppers.