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Roadtrek: Fully Self-Contained

Roadtrek Van’s are fully self contained and can operate without being hooked up at a campground site. 110 and 12V electrical power is available for fresh & waste water plumbing, propane, comfort heating & cooling, refrigeration, and cooking. The batteries can be re-charged by the generator just by driving the van or idling the engine. Roadtrek class b vans provide all the functionality of large RV but are more efficient and compact.

When you are staying in a private campground with external connections for electrical power and fresh & waste water, you can take advantage of these connections to extend your stay beyond the capacities of your water tanks.  Roadtrek class b campers are perfect for boon docking or campground staying.  Do need more information about camping in a class b van?  Call 1-866-975-3287 to speak with one of the experts at Dave Arbogast Van Depot.

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