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Roadtrek Introduces 40th Anniversary Class B Motorhome

Roadtrek has recently announced their 40th anniversary special edition model at the 2013 Supershow that was held in Hershey, PA from September 11 – 15, 2013.6f12aad4635619edbb8db5b82b47b27bx

The latest recreational vehicle from a company that has earned a reputation for superior quality will include a host of innovative features. With a stunning finish that has a crushed-glass paint job, the newest Roadtrek is made to stand out from the competition, and the mocha-and-steel color matches the tan leather couch and captain chairs that are found inside the class b motorhome. Also offering more headroom, a fully integrated shower, and modern bamboo cabinets, this vehicle is made for comfort and is an ideal option for those who enjoy traveling for extended periods of time.

To meet the needs of consumers who are interested in saving money, the new Roadtrek van offers up to 205 watts of power from its own solar generators. Power is also to be found in abundance because the vehicle has an upgraded 3500-watt engine generator as well as a 3000-watt power inverter. With four coach batteries and a hot water heating system, the Roadtrek RV is built for comfort. Each Roadtrek RV in the lineup is constructed around a traditional Chevrolet van chassis, and the anniversary model is based on the Chevy 190 Popular.

Roadtrek Motorhones, Inc. is a company that leads the industry in the manufacture of RVs in all of North America. The firm’s president, Jim Hammill, is celebrating 40 years in the industry by introducing a flagship model that includes the features that have made the company such a success over the past four decades. Roadtrek was first founded in 1953 by Jac Hanemaayer. Hanemaayer first became involved in the industry when he had another company design a vehicle for his personal use. He liked the RV so much that he decided to purchase the company. Hanemaayer eventually redesigned the RV and endowed it with a lower-profile roof and a lowered floor. Buyers also benefitted under his leadership at Roadtrek because the company offered three different floor plans. This was the original Roadtrek Van Motorhome.

Today, the Roadtrek brand is known for its outstanding blend of performance, safety, and comfort, and the models are designed with the features that modern consumers expect. All RVs are completely self contained and have a kitchen, shower, bedroom, bathroom, and entertainment area. Optional four-wheel drive is offered to those who need it, and large families can benefit from the relaxation area and outside showers.

Roadtrek models are engineered for a wide variety of uses, and they are an excellent choice for sports fans who enjoy tailgating at their favorite events. Additionally, the vehicles are an outstanding choice for a long and leisurely vacation or time spent visiting family members who live in other states or provinces.

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