N6-ActiveThe Roadtrek N6 Active is the latest state-of-the-art product released by the Canadian-based company. Centered around a Nissan NV2500 HD chassis, the N6 Active RV is propelled by the same 5.6 liter V8 engine and transmission found in Nissan’s Titan pickup truck, and it also features the truck’s same rugged boxed ladder frame. However, the upgraded suspension featured on the N6 is much more plush and similar to driving a Cadillac.

It may be a plush ride, but this bad boy of a vehicle cannot be accused of being soft. In fact, this revolutionary Class B motorhome has a cargo-carrying capacity of over 1,200 pounds, which is more than enough for six people and plenty of travel gear. Furthermore, it can tow up to 7950 pounds of boats, jeeps, or whatever toys a consumer can imagine. This makes it a terrific transportation option for those classic family vacations.

The N6 Active may have more than enough cargo and towing capacity to hit the open road with the whole family, but it is also perfectly suited for running around town. It is configured like most conversion vans with two front seats, followed by two captain’s chairs, and finished with third-row bench seating. Behind the bench seat is a huge cargo area that can handle a number of suitcases, camping gear, and large storage containers. The rear doors may open widely for easy access, but the rear door screen is perfect for keeping insects out while enjoying a little fresh evening air at the campsite.

The custom features of the N6 Active allow for a multitude of activities. The front two captain’s chairs and the two second-row captain’s chairs swivel 180 degrees, which allows for six people to all enjoy a board game or a game of cards when a pole and table is inserted into their designated slots in the middle of the RV. At night, the rear bench seat folds out flat, creating sleeping room for two adults, an optional panel can be placed across the two front seats for a child to sleep, and the pop-up sleeping quarter overhead provides even more options. All in all, the N6 Active has room to comfortably sleep up to five people.

If that wasn’t enough, the N6 also comes equipped with all of the residential features to make the Class B motorhome a true home away from home. It doesn’t come with a toilet, but the stylistic coach does come with a five-gallon freshwater tank, a handheld outdoor shower, an electric water heater, a sink that allows for the flow of both hot and cold water, a microwave, and a 2.5 cubic-foot refrigerator.

To power all of these features, the N6 comes with a 1250-watt inverter and two 6V AVGM house batteries that allow you to enjoy primitive camping away from bustling campsites. However, the 30-amp shore power cable allows the N6 to hook up at RV campgrounds across the country if you choose. Even though the Class B motorhome comes equipped with all of these features, it gets a miserly 16.2 miles per gallon, and when combined with the large 28-gallon tank, it can go forever between fill ups. This allows the 317 horsepower N6 to run with the big boys all day long.

With so many features, the N6 Active is the perfect mix of luxury and utility for Class B motorhome buyers. Any vehicle that can plug into electric campsite hook-ups and still get gas mileage that is comparable to most pickup trucks is definitely worthy of anyone’s consideration.