Just when you think a Class B motorhome can’t get any better, Roadtrek has finally done it all! The new Roadtrek SS-Ideal now boasts a 36” slide our room! Roadtrek is the first in the Class B industry to add this feature that has now become a mainstay in the Class A and Diesel Pusher market. This slide comes out the rear of the motorhome when parked and the rear doors are opened. The slide adds a full three feet of interior length to the vehicle, while keeping the collapsed whole body length to a mere 19.5 feet.

With this new rear slide out feature, the SS-Ideal is able to seat four very comfortably, and sleep two on its double bed. This revolutionary new model is the ultimate in Class B travel. Get a better look at it today in our Class B Camper Van inventory, and as always, we a Class B sales specialist is available to provide you any information that you need (866) 975-3287.