Are you planning a trip in your Roadtrek?  Road trips are most likely the reason you purchased your  class b van and a great way to enjoy the country with your family.  Before leaving on your vacation it’s important to make sure you take care of some preliminary planning . We have include some good tips and planning reminders so your vacation goes perfect:

1. Plan your itinerary to include the campgrounds you will be staying at. Give a family member or friend a copy of your itinerary along with the campground contact information. Make campground reservations in advance, especially during the busy travel season.

2. Try to limit your daily driving to 350 miles a day or less. Not only will your trip be more enjoyable, but this will allow plenty of time to get set up at the campground before it gets dark and to enjoy some of the amenities the campground has to offer.

3. Make sure your emergency roadside service plan is up to date. If you don’t have one, you should get one prior to leaving on your trip.

4. Conduct pre-trip checks on your Roadtrek.  Click here to see our pre-trip checklist.

5. Check and refill any medications you will need. If you are under a doctor’s care, bring a copy of your medical records.

6. Be sure you have the following: credit cards, ATM card, checkbook, cell phone, address book and stamps, emergency contact numbers, a spare set of eyeglasses or reading glasses, a spare set of keys, Roadtrek owner’s manuals and warranty information. Also, make sure you have your passports, if necessary, and check the expiration dates.

7. Check the weather conditions for where you will be traveling each day. Take a weather radio receiver with you. Don’t travel in bad weather or during high winds.

Now, double check that everything is loaded in the Roadtrek before you hit the road. Have a great time exploring this wonderful country we live in.

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