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Santa’s Christmas Present: Roadtrek 210-Popular

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, everyone was stirring, even the mouse. It was hours before the Christmas Eve trip would begin, and all the elves were frantically asking the same question, “Where the heck was Santa Claus?”

It wasn’t like the jolly old elf to be missing this close to take off, and the elves were worried. Worried that is, until Mrs. Claus entered the room. “Relax”, she told the elves. Santa will be here in plenty of time. He’s just driving his new Roadtrek!

Who could blame Santa for wanting to be rid of that sleigh? (Not to mention those smelly old reindeer!) The Roadtrek 210-Popular offers the comfort of home with the conveniences of a motor home, making travel, even all night travel, a breeze. There is more headroom, more interior space (for the elves), more exterior storage space (for gifts!), not to mention a large refrigerator, and a permanent enclosed bathroom. That eliminates periodic stops and will make the overall trip quicker and easier.

Let’s see the old sleigh do this. Sleeping comfort for 3, seating for 5. The rear features a dinette or power sofa that does triple duty. It’s a great place to watch a movie on the optional flat screen TV, provides belted seating for another two, and makes into a large king size bed or convenient twins (the elves will be fighting over those!)

More room, comfort, and no freezing wind in your beard all night makes the Roadtrek 210-Popular the new vehicle of choice for the most popular man on earth (I mean, who doesn’t like Santa Claus?) And, no more reliance on a red nosed reindeer to see where you’re headed. Sounds like the sleigh is headed for the museum.

Now just two questions remain—How will Santa get to the chimney—and where can he find Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph new homes?

If it’s good enough for Santa at the North Pole, imagine what the Roadtrek Class B Camper could do for you. Check them out with the van experts at Dave Arbogast. Call them at 1-866-975-3257 today!

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