INVENTORY2I know several people who like to travel the country during the summer attending country music shows. There are several that are 3 to 4 days long, and bring in 12-15 different acts for a weekend of music. Many are held around campgrounds, where the music lovers can party all day, and then camp overnight.

All of that is good, if you are into that. What I don’t understand is that these people prefer sleeping in tents, on the ground at these events. That I don’t get.

These events would be a lot more enjoyable, if you ask me, in a Class B Motorhome. You could travel to the event, park, enjoy the day’s festivities, then overnight in the Roadtrek. It makes a lot more sense than sleeping on the ground for four nights.

After the day’s concert, my friends could relax in the rear lounge area. They could get rid of the dirt and grime in the spacious shower, then kick back and watch a DVD or listen to some more music. They wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on food and drink, as long as they kept the refrigerator well stocked. It just makes a lot more sense to me.

The great thing about a Roadtrek is its useful at home too. Many owners use their Roadtreks as a second vehicle, to run errands and cart the kids from place to place. It handles well, parks easily, and is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road.

You still have time to get your class b camper for the summer concert season. Check out the great inventory, then Call Dave Arbogast at 1-866-975-3287 and talk to one of their van specialists. One trip in a Roadtrek and you will never want to sleep on the ground again!