It’s a daily and nightly occurrence when you are on the road.

“What do you want to eat?

The frustrating replies…

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t care.”

Of course, those answers change the minute you pull into a restaurant parking lot. Then they care a lot and don’t like your choice at all.

Yes, traveling far away from home has many pitfalls, but there is one vehicle that can ease a lot of those problems – a Roadtrek Class B motorhome.

Think of the convenience of always having your own kitchen while traveling. Instead of eating fast food or stopping for a long stay at a pricey restaurant, you can simply go to the fridge in your Roadtrek when it’s time for a meal. Think of how much money you will save stocking up the Roadtrek at a grocery store instead of going on a spending frenzy at convenience stores and restaurants.

The Roadtrek has many other advantages as well.  How many times have you been traveling in the middle of nowhere when it was “time to go”? In a Roadtrek, you always have a clean, comfortable and private bathroom.  If you are a passenger, you don’t even have to stop.  Also, owning a Roadtrek means no more long lines at ballgames or concerts. It’s the little things that make life enjoyable and the Roadtrek is full of them.

Dave Arbogast is the largest dealer of conversion vans in the United States, which means we can find the perfect Roadtrek for you. We deliver vans all over the country which allows our customers to enjoy a high quality buying experience without traveling hundreds of miles.

So don’t hesitate! Give us a call us today at 1-866-975-3257 and let our van experts take care of all your needs.

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