When you think of luxury in a Class B Motorhome, what is the first one that comes to mind? If you are not thinking of the Airstream Interstate, then allow me a moment to change your mind!

A few things to think about when you are shopping for a Class B Motorhome is space, comfort, performance and style. Fortunately, the Airstream Interstate has it all! Built on the Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter chassis, the Airstream Interstate offers the best luxury that there is to offer. With comfortable seating for eight, and sleeping space for two, this dream “home” on wheels will make for a great means of transportation to your next fun-filled destination.

The Airstream Interstate boasts a 3.0 liter V6 turbo, diesel engine with one hundred eighty eight horse power. These days, with the cost of fuel on the rise, it is important to think of fuel economy. The Airstream Interstate has a thirty percent better fuel economy than others in its class. It also has a 6,400 pound towing capacity to make your adventures even easier if you were taking a boat, car or anything else that could make your vacation more fun!

Aside from the technical features, this motorhome has a very sleek and stylish exterior with an expertly designed interior. Aside from its ability to seat eight passengers and sleep two, it also has two possibilities for beds. Twin beds take up the rear portion of the vehicle or you can choose a power fold down sofa in the back. It boasts a lounge area up towards the front, a removable table for comfortable eating and a galley-style kitchen with a sink, cooktop and refrigerator.

Your options for seating include Ultraleather or Ultrasuede. This makes for the most comfortable ride which gives the Airstream Interstate its ability to “move like a stream of air”. Gone are the days of the bumpy, uncomfortable ride that most motorhomes in the past have provided. The Airstream Interstate creates a whole new level of efficiency with style and comfort.

There are six different floor plans that you can choose from. The are: the Interstate Twin, the Interstate Twin Dual Wardrobe, the Interstate Lounge Wardrobe, the Interstate Lounge Dual Wardrobe, the Interstate Lounge and the Interstate Extended. Contact your nearest dealer for photos of the floor plans so you can find which one fits your style and needs the best!

Vacations no longer need to “break the bank”. With the Airstream Interstate, you have a fuel efficient, comfortable, home away from home for you and your family or friends to travel the country.