I see that a blogger colleague of mine is boldly predicting a Green Bay victory over Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. He is basing that pick on the fact that many Packer fans are taking conversion vans or camper vans to the game to save money.

While I applaud the intelligence of Packer fans, it’s a lousy way to predict a ballgame. And here is another point…my young friend is a fan of the Detroit Lions! Yea, those Lions. The team that recently went 0-16, the franchise that has not won a title since 1957, the team that has only played for a spot in the Super Bowl once (and lost that game 41-10!) What’s a Lions fan know about football?

The key to the Super Bowl is simple. Both quarterbacks will have their moments…they are that good. But Pittsburgh can run the ball and the Packers can’t…and they certainly won’t run the ball on the Steelers. Sooooo…Pittsburgh 27 Green Bay 19. By the way, if that’s the final score, I’ll win the office pool, but that’s another story!

Speaking of running (how’s that for a smooth segue?) I know many of you are thinking about trying to run away from this weather. I don’t blame you, but I’m not sure where to go. This weather seems to be everywhere. If you find a place warm and dry, there is no better way to get there that a Roadtrek Class B camper van. You can leave your cares, and the weather behind, and still have all the comforts of home. Get great fuel efficiency, and you will love the way the Roadtrek handles in heavy traffic. Never leave home without your own bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, regardless of whether the trip is to Dallas for the big game, or across town to your daughter’s piano recital.

See the all new Roadtrek at Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio. You can see their entire inventory on line, and then give their experts a call at 1-866-975-3287. They will find just the right vehicle to fit your needs, and give you the best buying experience possible. Oh, and Go Steelers!

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