Nine more days until the Royal Wedding. Will you watch?

Frankly, I don’t know why anyone would. Prince William’s one accomplishment is that he had the good sense to be born into the right family. Kate seems like a nice lady…but nice ladies get married every day and the ceremonies aren’t broadcast around the world.  There is only one thing that I would Like to see—the newlyweds take off for their honeymoon in a Roadtrek Class B Motorhome. No limos, horse drawn carriages, or any of that—straight from Westminster Abbey to their Roadtrek and off to the honeymoon!

Hey, why not? The Prince and his fiancée’ are modern day people, and the Roadtrek is perfect to take them wherever they want to go. Great fuel economy will help every newly married couple, and easy drivability and parking make every trip less stressful. They can avoid the paparazzi (and the Queen, not to mention Prince Charles) by staying on the road, avoiding restaurants, fast food joints and hotels. It’s easy to do in a Roadtrek.

Royal weddings are stressful—honeymoons can be too. But the trip can be much less rigorous when you have your own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and entertainment center wherever you go. A Class B Motorhome has all of that—and once they return to the palace, it can be a great everyday vehicle (although I doubt that Kate will be taking many trips to the grocery!)

Here is an idea—skip the Royal wedding and check out the Roadtrek yourself at Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio. They have a wide selection, and their entire inventory is online. After you find the vehicle you want, just call 1-866-975-3287, and begin your ROYAL experience today!