Rust can easily ruin a conversation van. Both the exterior and internal parts are susceptible to rust damage. Rust can easily cause irreversible damage if it’s not taken care of right away or prevented. You can prevent rust from developing on your conversion van by following these tips.De-Icing the roads

Weather is Your Enemy

Rust needs two things to grow, and those two things are air and moisture. Since it’s basically impossible to avoid air, the only thing you can do is avoid moisture. The best way to achieve this is by keeping your van indoors or under a protective cover as much as possible. Keep your van in a garage or in a car port when you’re not using it. There are going to be some circumstances when your van will get wet. Rain and snow are difficult to avoid in any corner of the globe. If you can’t help but get the van wet, you can take the time to dry it to help prevent rust.

The Protective Power of Paint

The paint used on cars is meant to be extremely durable and resistant to wind, rain, scratches and more. The paint also has another function and that is to protect your vehicle from rust. The paint acts as a barrier to protect the metal underneath from air and moisture. However, even tiny nicks in the paint can allow for rust to develop. Take a couple of minutes every couple of weeks to look over your van carefully for nicks and deep scratches in the paint. If the metal is exposed, it can become rusty. It’s best to hit those spots with touch up paint as soon as possible. If rust has already started to form, you can gently sand it off and repaint over it.


Dirt easily collects in the undercarriage of your vehicle since dirt is constantly being kicked up there by your tires when you drive. When this dirt collects in the undercarriage, it can eventually collect moisture and hold it onto the parts of your vehicle until it dries. This collection of dirt and moisture can easily cause rust and corrosion. To combat this, you can regularly wash the undercarriage of your vehicle. This is especially important if you’ve recently driven in the mud or on dirt roads. Having a rusty exterior is one thing, having the vital parts of your vehicle become rusty can easily cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your vehicle.

Rust is difficult and sometimes impossible to deal with. If left alone long enough, it can completely ruin a vehicle beyond repair. Instead of wracking your brain trying to fix rust or berating yourself for letting severe damage occur to your vehicle, it’s best to do all that you can to avoid it beforehand.