truck-van-wash-in-actionConversion vans aren’t like standard passenger vehicles. Not only are they larger, but they have many additional features and nooks and crannies. The sheer size and odd angles make it more difficult to wash in your driveway, but it is doable, and you can make the process much easier by using these tips.

Think Twice about Driving Through

Most coin-operated car washes will fit a non-hi-top conversion van and may seem like the simplest solution. In actuality, a drive-through may be more trouble than it’s worth. You’ll need to identify and protect all protruding aspects of the van, and due to the size and angles of the vehicle, you need to be wary of those hard brushes wearing down the finish.

Use a Sectional Approach

Proper cleaning requires drying by hand in a timely manner in order to avoid spots. That can be easier said than done with a conversion van if you try to do it all at once. Instead, do it in sections: top, front end, rear end, one side and then the next.

Use a Step Ladder and Spotter

Don’t use the van’s ladder. Use a six-foot ladder for the top and a four-foot ladder for all other aspects. Ladders can be dangerous when wet, so it’s best to work in pairs and have one person spot the other.

Use Hookable Buckets or Trays

Hand washing can be a real chore if you have to keep going up and down. If you use a hookable utility bucket, however, you’ll only have to make one trip up at each ladder position.

Use Spray Bottles and Long-Handled Squeegees

Squeegees with long handles and spray bottles can eliminate much of the ladder work. Long-handled squeegees simplify windshield cleaning in particular, which is one of the most difficult aspects of cleaning a conversion van well. Ideally, have two people start in the center of the windshield and each work a side.

Consider a Hose Attachment

A hose attachment is a convenient way to put the suds on the ceiling and along the top edge. You’ll still need to clean it by hand, but you won’t have to deal with a heavy bucket of water to do so.

Opt for Spray Wax

Waxing a conversion van can be a real chore, and you’ll have to do it occasionally. Most waxes suggest a recoat once a month, but if you opt for a spray-based wax sealant each time you wash, you can rejuvenate the current coating and reduce the need to wax to four or even less times a year.

Clean the Tires Thoroughly

Those large tires are a focal point of your van, so they’ll require a thorough cleaning. Clean tires also help with traction and handling, and every bit helps with a vehicle of this shape and size. Scrub those tires in a circular motion, and then wash, dry and coat with tire dressing.