Camp outs used to be all about the kids. Before any trip, I would spend weeks packing the trailer and the truck and making sure that we had everything we could possible need: beach towels, bike helmets, float toys. Once up in the mountains, my “vacation” was filled with chores like cooking over a campfire, washing dishes in cold water and keeping everyone coated with sunscreen and bug spray.

Those days are over, now. I have to admit, they were great. I will never regret giving my kids such happy childhood memories, but the kids are all grown and have kids of their own. Camping out is now all about hubby and me, and freedom is the name of the game.

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We have a sweet, little Airstream Interstate. It’s just the right size for hubby, the chihuahua and me. When the weekend comes, we just throw in a few clothes and a bag of groceries, and off we go. No planning is needed, and no advanced packing is required. The Airstream is compact, so it’s easy on gas and easy to drive and park, but it has everything that our little family of three could possibly need. We’ve got a refrigerator, a microwave and a two-burner cook-top. No more campfire cooking for me! We’ve also got a comfy bed with our own blankets and pillows, so we never have to search for a hotel in the middle of the night. We’ve got storage for our camping gear and elegant captains chairs which really help when you’re babysitting a bad back.

I never thought we’d have this much fun with our little rig. We’ve taken our class b motorhome to National Parks, to the coast and on a state-wide tour. We even went to a chili cook-off and stayed in an RV park right in the middle of a city. Sometimes we head out with no other idea but to explore the countryside. While doing that, we’ve found out-of-the-way ghost towns to explore and even came across a charming, little apple festival in full swing. Our little dog can come with us, too, wherever we go and feels right at home in our little house-on-wheels. We never have to worry about finding her a kennel or arranging for someone to come to the house and check on her. And when we want to step out at night or visit a museum, she waits patiently for us in the Airstream in her little sleeping-kennel.