Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I can already hear it: Don’t talk to me about spending Valentine’s Day in a Roadtrek!

I understand, but you might just be the one missing out. (Listen to what I have to say before throwing me to the lions!)

Last year, my loved one and I waited 45 minutes at a nice restaurant and ended up eating at the bar because the wait for a table was another hour. Honestly, that’s ridiculous, and a problem that is completely avoidable in a Roadtrek 190-Popular.

Where is the intimacy in eating in a restaurant overflowing with people? The noise in the restaurant I visited last year was at a level in which you couldn’t hear yourself think.  It just isn’t very romantic when you have to shout at the woman you love (most of us do too much of that anyway!)

Don’t suggest to your lady that she make the meal- that’s probably not a good move – but if you can get around that detail, then considering a 190-Popular from Roadtrek makes lots of sense. Comfort with the front captains seats, the front dining table, a little candlelight, music, and you are set for a romantic evening, without 150 total strangers literally in your lap.

You can also get out of town for the day in your Roadtrek and make the holiday one to remember. Whether it’s taking a scenic trip or going shopping, the 190-Popular is the perfect vehicle. It handles well in heavy traffic and can slip into any car sized parking spot.

I’m telling you—you’ll be the man on Valentine’s Day in a class b motorhome. See them today at Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio.

Don’t hesitate to give one of our van experts at 1-866-975-3257 and get ready for the most unique Valentine’s Day experience you have ever had!

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