Dave Arbogast Van Depot has a huge selection of used Pleasure Way Class B Vans.  Pleasure Way Camper Vans provide all the comfort of a larger RV or motor-home, with all the convenience of driving a van or SUV.  Whether you’re going cross-country or just cross-town, why not take along all the comforts of home?  Enjoy the convenience of your own bathroom, change room, kitchen, living room and bedroom.  All with the fuel economy, driving and parking ease of a van or large crossover.
It starts with a phone call or email.  You choose what is best for your research and your decision making process.  You can call us at 1-866-975-3287 or fill out our contact us form. We respect your right to shop as you want for a used Pleasure Way.  Just give us the opportunity to review the fifth wheel  we have for sale and how we can assist you with financing or payment plans.

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