Growing up, I always enjoyed having the opportunity to travel with my folks across the country. Back then, we had an old Winnebago motorhome. It didn’t look like much but it got the job done and helped create a lot of great memories for my folks and I.

Awhile back, my family and I decided to purchase a Winnebago Tour. It is definitely one luxurious motorhome and of Winnebago’s top models. But the main we reason we love our Winnebago Tour so much is it has been the perfect motorhome for taking a vacation in.On the inside of the Tour you’ll find a huge variety of great items to help make any family vacation seem like a breeze. It comes with a great TV and entertainment center which is perfect for those who have kids to bring along on their vacation. Also, the kitchen area is very nice as well. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to cook. In a Tour kitchen you won’t have any problem making a great meal while on vacation. Finally, the bedroom in the Tour is great. It’s not only comfortable, but luxurious and a great place for mom and dad to get away from it all.

The Tour also has a ton of great things going on on the outside of it too. Want to hear something crazy? There is actually a TV on the outside of the Tour too! All you have to do to access it is open up the side panel and boom, you’ll be watching your favorite movie in no time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pull up to an old campground while on vacation, open up the TV panel on the outside and then invite some other campers over for a movie night and make some new friends.

One of the first trips my family and I took in a Winnebago was to the Grand Canyon. It was a great adventure for my brothers and sisters and I but one that was definitely worth it, especially since were all together in our old Winnebago.

Now that I have kids of my own, I’m looking forward to taking them on a great vacation in our family’s brand new Winnebago Tour. I think one of our fist stops will be the Grand Canyon since that is one of the first places my family and I went to.

There is no better way to see the country than in a Winnebago, especially the Tour.