Life is full of overpriced stuff. I mean, everything costs too much. I pay $11 for a haircut and I’m in the chair for 8 minutes. Gas is over $3, and I recently saw milk priced at $3.62 a gallon! (I drank a lot of water that week!)

Its crazy—$50-$100 for a pair of jeans—are you kidding me? $200 for a pair of basketball shoes? Have you seen the cable or electric bills lately? Its madness everywhere you look.

I know I’m getting old—but it amazes me that people pay these kinds of prices. I mean, how can milk cost more than gas? Prices are out of control folks, and we just keep paying, and paying and paying.

Into this madness comes the Roadtrek 190-Popular. Many people think Roadtreks are high priced vehicles, because so many celebrities and athletes with large families drive them. The truth is, Used Roadtreks start in the low 40s, and are among the most economical vehicles on the road today.

Roadtreks are fun to drive, and are easy to handle in heavy traffic. Parking is a breeze because of its small size—it can easily slide into a car-sized parking space. Off the road campsites are no problem in a Roadtrek—they can go anywhere you want to go.

The Roadtrek is a lot more than a family camper, however. With up to 6 forward facing seats with seatbelts, they make great second vehicles. Perfect for running to the store, taking the kids to their events, or getting away for the weekend. Owning a Roadtrek is much cheaper than having a second car AND a motor home in storage. It’s a two in one vehicle that saves you money and provides plenty of comfort and convenience. Finally, Roadtreks offer exceptional fuel economy thanks to their aerodynamic shape and lower overall size and weight.

In a world where people pay $100 for a pair of pants, Roadtreks make a lot of sense. Great comfort, style and versatility, and they make a lot of sense to your wallet too.

Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio is the only place you need to go to find the perfect Roadtrek for all your needs. Check out their inventory at, and then call their van experts at 1-866-975-3257. They can deliver your van to your door and give you the ultimate van buying experience.

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